Celtics Down Under is exactly what it sounds like. We write for our NBA Boston Celtics fans in Australia. Game previews, sneaker features, opinion pieces, it’s all here. This site however is but one part of the Celtics Down Under community, the other two components being the Facebook page and the Twitter account.

The aim is to grow Celtics Down Under into a community for fellow Aussie Celtics. Where is this going?  We want to provide a space for Aussie fans to scream, cheer and moan about the team online. To be able to meet up in real life for barbies or dinners, or even plan trips to TD Garden together and cheer for the Celtics as a bunch of excited Aussie fans at the games!

Read on, and let us know what you think of the site. Better yet, join the community on Facebook – we’d love to see you there.

#BleedGreen #AussieCeltics

The Team

(These are the madcap fans that keep Celtics Down Under running.)

Kein (@CelticsDownUnd)

Does: Game previews, Opinion columnist, Facebook content creator, Twitter

Kein (@CelticsDownUnd) - Website, Facebook, Twitter

Founder, father of one, C’s fan since ’08. Loves KG’s intensity and passion and Rondo’s indomitable will. Check out Kein’s articles.

Justin (@AusCelticsFan)

Does: Opinion columnist and book reviewer, Facebook admin, banner artist


I’m Justin, living in Brisbane, Australia. Have been a Celtics fan since 1988 being through good & bad times. The Celtics have become like an extended part of my family. Loyalty and honor mean everything to me. I bleed green. I worship at the temple of Bill Russell. I’m not a ‘writer’, I just like getting my opinions away from my head via the internet. I love Nachos, Chess, and Music. Sometimes I’m serious, often I’m not. You decide.

Check out Justin’s Fan Friday feature on Red’s Army.

Hayley (@HayleyRT3)

Does: Opinion columnist/KOTW feature writer, Facebook content creator

Does: Site, Podcast. Stalwart defender of Rajon Rondo & Jeff Green!Does the weekly Green Kick of the Week feature, sneakerhead!

Passionate defender of Rajon Rondo & Jeff Green! If you’re a sneakerhead, remember to look at her weekly Green Kick of the Week feature. Check out Hayley’s articles and Hayley’s Fan Friday feature on Red’s Army.

Stan (@stantze)

Does: Game previews, Facebook content creator


Highlight reels, random Facebook quotes, breaking news – he’s got you covered.

Oliver (@ollie_lynch)

Does: Opinion columnist


Passionate observer of The Green Machine, writes with equal doses of optimism and reason.
Keep things simple, it’s all about 18! Check out Oliver’s articles.

Michael (@mickyt34)

Does: Opinion columnist

Bringing a fresh green perspective to your nearest browser. Celtics and Rondo fan since ’09.

Bringing a fresh green perspective to your nearest browser. Ambassador and defender of Rajon Rondo. Check out Michael’s articles.

Nate (@CelticsNate34)

Does: Facebook content creator

Does: Facebook, podcast. Missed your daily Celtics fix? Nate’s got you covered with the weekly podcast. Kevin Garnett wannabe: bleeds green and pounds chest 24/7. Rewatches Game 6 constantly. KG-like Celtics intensity. Misses Perk. Loves Celtic history!

Kevin Garnett wannabe: bleeds green and pounds chest 24/7. Rewatches Game 6 constantly.
KG-like Celtics intensity. Misses Perk. Loves Celtic history!

Tommy (@NBASlander)

Does: Facebook content creator


Striving for world domination. Live tweets & analysis of Celtics games.
His hate for the Lakers is almost greater than his love for the Celtics. Check out Tommy’s Fan Friday feature on Red’s Army.

Joel (@joelmoss9)

Does: Podcast host

To say Joel is a bit of a basketball fanatic is a bit of understatement. If he’s not playing, watching, adjusting his Fantasy Basketball lineup or writing about basketball, then he’s debating and discussing basketball with friends and family while PS3ing Basketball games.
He has been to Celtic games in Boston annually since 2002 in the days of Antoine Walker and Paul Pierce. Joel attended all seven games of the 2010 Finals and is still haunted by the nightmare of game 7. For Joel, it’s not an obsession; Celtic Basketball is a way of life…

Check out The Dribble with JoMo, an up and coming Aussie Celtics podcast feature.

Follow his blog too.

Francis (@KGTaughtMe)

Does: Facebook content creator (game updates), Opinion columnist

Celtics Down Under - Francis

Non-stop Celtics action, it’s gotta be FF on Facebook.

Kaine (@Lil_Kaino)

Does: Facebook content creator, resident graphic guru.



Check out Kaine’s Fan Friday feature on Red’s Army.

Brandon (@BrandonMcKay6)

Does: Game recaps, opinion columnnist


Die hard Celtics fan, love watching classic games, bleeds green and loves KG, Pierce and Rondo!

May (@mshirtad)

Does: Opinion columnist


Avid sports follower. Passionate Celtics supporter. Rants about anything and everything.
Also has another blog dedicated to other sports – check out highfrickenfive.wordpress.com

Dave (@big_dave31)

Does: Opinion columnist

CDU Dave M

Dave is a massive fan of the Celtics and basketball as a whole since the early 90’s. Plays for multiple teams and have played basketball for 20 years now. Basketball is a major part of his life, and he has been to Boston 3 years in a row now to watch some games. (Ed: Mark of a hardcore fan!) Check out Dave’s Fan Friday feature on Red’s Army.

Eric (@svntillvnv)

Does: Opinion columnist

CDU Eric S

19 year old Celtics fan from Adelaide. First fell in love with the Celtics in 2006 after using them on NBA Live 07 on the PS2. Favourite ‘modern’ Celtics moment was Rondo’s dive for the loose ball and score against The Orlando Magic in the 2010 Playoffs.

Site credits:

  • Site logo courtesy of Tom Mullins (@tomullins) Oct 2012, thanks very much!
  • Site banner featuring the entire 2012/13 roster designed by the talented Edwin Khu (@wilkeduhn) Oct 2012, check out his other works and posts on CelticsLife.com too!
  • New site banner featuring the 2012/13 roster (less Darko, Barbosa, Collins, added TWill, JCraw, Shavlik and DJ) done by Justin Hunter (@AusCeltsFan) and Sian, Mar 2013.


  1. Kein does a great job with this website. I’ll do what I can to help push this site to as many people that’ll listen! Keep up the good work guys!

    Lets Go Celtics!

  2. Hey guys, awesome job on your Celtics Website! Enjoyed browsing through the game previews, they are very well written. We have a NBA blog in the fox sports blog network and are looking for a Celtics blog to join our team over at shootingbricks.com. Would you guys be interested in sharing your articles with us and we’d help push traffic to you? Let us know if you were interested at rapideyemedia.org@gmail.com

  3. Great to see that cricket is not the only popular sport in Aussie!
    Keep representing down under!! Celtics Numbah one!!

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