Team Rondo – Past, Present, Future

As an avid Celtics fan since 2009, Rajon Rondo was (and will continue to be) my favourite player to wear that green jersey. I could write a book about why I like this guy – but we’ll keep it down to a few highlights for the time being.

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Farewell, brother #ThankYouRondo

From that dive for the ball against Jason Williams in Game Three of 2010 Eastern Conference Finals to that poster dunk on Chris Bosh that sent Kevin Harlan on video game mode back in 2011, Rondo had given us plenty of moments worth remembering.

But nothing is more precious to me than the times he stood up for Kevin Garnett. Three occasions come to my mind when I think about moments that defined the brotherly relationship between these two great competitors.

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The seemingly inevitable farewell – Goodbye, Rondo

This season had always felt surreal, somehow.

I remember watching the season opener, and being so pumped by the video. It felt like, oh yeah the Celtics are back! It was finally game time.

And then, I realised Rondo wasn’t in that video. At all.

Why wasn’t the captain inside? Rondo, maestro of the amazing and unpredictable? Surely he would have gotten more time on the video than any other player on the team?

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Thank You RR9 – My Favourite Rajon Rondo Memory

‘Playoff Rondo’ is a magical individual. Basketball magic in its purest form.

That is what I will miss the most. With the news coming through yesterday that Rajon Rondo would be traded to Dallas my first thought was that I will never get to see ‘Playoff Rondo’ take over games in green again. This sad realisation was heartbreaking for a self-confessed Rondo lover and defender.

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