Istanbul practice, Day 2.

Practice is being held at Darussafaka Ayhan Sahenk Spor Salonu, a “pretty colorful gym” as described by the official Celtics Twitter account (@celtics).

Molly McGrath (@MollyAMcGrath) tweeted another panoramic view of the stadium.

Not too sure if I’d describe it as vibrant even, but the place sure is coloured up pretty brightly. It feels like some fun house rather than a serious sports venue. The seat placement is good though, guaranteed views for every bugger out there without fear of heads blocking views.

Edit: Holy crap it’s an orphanage? This facility is crazy good.

There’s a cute video of kids presenting flowers to some of the guys, makes me go awww. (via @celtics)

There’s also some shots of Avery Bradley shooting. If a guy with multiple shoulder surgery is comfortable enough to shoot, that’s a good sign his rehab is going pretty well.

More goodies to appear on later, according to Molly McGrath. (I’ll update the post when it appears.)

Molly McGrath has good news on Bradley’s status:

Here’s an official Celtics interview on Bradley; sounding positive my man! If there’s no pain and he’s swishing jumpers, all is good.

There’s also a Doc interview in the clip where you can see PP and KG running a pick and pop. Naturally, KG nails the jumper. Green and Lee blurps also included towards the end, chipping in with comments about coming European game(s).

Practice shots

A shot of the guys going at it, courtesy of Sherrod Blakely.

Following Wilcox’s bruise and absence yesterday, Darko takes a hit today and leaves practice. Stay healthy man, the season hasn’t even begun!

Update: he’s back apparently, whew.

Wilcox is out with a back strain, doesn’t sound too serious so that’s good.

Update: Great photos of the practice session from Sina, via Red’s Army.

Media session

Sherrod shares a snap of KG with the media, looking very serious.

His replies are anything but serious though, judging from this tweet:

Jared Sullinger kicks off day 1 of his video blog, narrating his Europe experience so far – he’s a pretty good talker.

A quick piece from the Boston Globe’s Gary Washburn gives more details on the practice.

Some details on the scrimmage, pretty intense apparently:

The session was mostly scrimmaging and the players were intense despite arriving in town less than 24 hours before. Kevin Garnett sank the winning shot in the final scrimmage, one of his customary midrange jumpers, as the session went into overtime. Players were battling and there was even a brief shoving match that involved Garnett and Dionte Christmas.

Courtney Lee jokingly stepped in the middle of the fray and cooled any tensions.

It’s surprising to read about Christmas getting physical with KG, damn but does the guy have balls. I’m really hoping he stays in the roster when season begins – we need confident guys, period.

Happy birthday Courtney!

If you wanna talk about social bonding, celebrating a birthday’s probably one of the ways to make everyone feel all warm and fuzzy. Happy birthday to Courtney Lee, must feel good to have a birthday song sung by the team.

Dionte Christmas is taking the birthday boy out to dinner apparently, real good of him to do so.

Jeff Green wishes him a happy birthday, complete with voyeur snap.

Jeff Green escapes to the quiet of his hotel room – does every room have a great view or what?

And rounding the post off – Paul Pierce has something Ubuntu-ish to say about the trip so far:

Plus touristy photos.


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