Istanbul practice, Day 3.

Day 3 of practice, still held at Darussafaka Ayhan Sahenk Spor Salonu.

No contact drills for Bradley at this point, but at least he’s still running the sets together with the rest of the team. Getting in touch with how the team runs is pretty important, at the very least he’s not gonna screw up from a lack of communication.

There’s not much in the way of photos today, but @celtics comments on this being a live scrimmage session; plenty of action, plenty of chances to get used to some real action.

Judging from this comment, Pierce is really feeling confident about the third stringers. It’s just scary though, the rookies being able to play and not get overwhelmed by the starters or the second unit guys.

Either this year’s team is scary good, or we’re brimming with overconfidence right now – hopefully the former. I’m really looking forward to see how the team plays in tomorrow’s game; that should be a fair indicator of how good/bad everyone is.

Main player to watch out for tomorrow? Jeff Green.

Molly’s training camp video shows a bit of practice footage; you can see a KG/Rondo pick and roll, and KG passing off the high post in to PP who finishes at the rim.

Red’s Army’s practice day 3 gallery has plenty of good pics as usual (via Sina). Most of the pics were taken after practice, and include the use of a football more than a basketball.

The guys having fun after practice.

NBA Cares

Turns out they had an NBA Cares event right in the gym after practice. Check out KG and Rondo in the fore, that’s a lot of kids surrounding them all right.

If you look closely at the bunch of cameramen and photogs, Rondo is actually at the top with a camera. He seems to be having fun ๐Ÿ™‚

Lots of snaps from Sherrod Blakely, thanks for the quick posts.

Here’s Jeff Green having a go at being the reporter at the event. He did a great job interviewing Molly McGrath, Courtney Lee and Kris Joseph – very smooth huh? The event looked like a great success, the kids were having some real fun, despite the fact that (quote Molly) “these kids don’t understand a lick of English”. Photographer Rondo also appears for a split second inside ๐Ÿ˜‰


Intense is right.

Mike Gorman and Scal talk about practice and the candidates for KG’s primary backup. Scal speaks pretty highly of Jason Collins, surprising. There’s talk of Fab Melo being sent to the D-League hmmm. Doc and KG video interviews alongside the full article, check it out.

Not entirely sure if this is day 3 footage, but KG talks about Sullinger and Melo post-practice.

Marc D’Amico has a good summmary of the day up on as well. There’s a lot of good blurps inside on the scrimmages you don’t see on Twitter, so give it a read.


A few snaps of dinner.


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