The Daily Ubuntu – 4 Oct 2012

The Daily Ubuntu is a collection of Celtics-related news and columns from around the intarwebs, just so that you keep in touch with our favourite green team.

The new Boston Celtics backcourt provides plenty of versatility – Celtics Town

Jordan from CT (OffensiveG) oes a neat little piece, offering his thoughts on possible small ball lineups. I’m agreeing with most of it; for example Bradley’s non-role at the one, and a possible shift for Lee to the three on a really small lineup.

Bass lets his play do the talking – ESPN Boston

Greg Payne talks about the work ethic of “The Muscle” – that’s Courtney Lee’s new nickname for our second-favourite jumpshooting big man in green. (First place of course being Ticket.)

“My nickname for Brandon is ‘The Muscle,’ said Lee. “My man is strong on that block. He goes hard. He’s going to rebound, he’s going to finish strong. So, he’s ‘The Muscle.'”

I’ve always liked Bass, and felt that he deserved more playing time in his Orlando days. Needless to say, I was very excited when the C’s signed Bass, and to see him meshing so well with Rondo? Count me a happy camper, really.

Gone Fishin’: Darko’s game expands to the great outdoors – CSNNE

Umm, so Darko enjoys carp fishing. Just thought you might want to know.

Irish Coffee – Making the most of Paul Pierce’s minutes – WEEI

There’s a proposed game plan to institute the 5-5-5 routine that KG was on last season, for PP this time. We’ll see how this one works out, but if it gets him sufficient rest for the postseason I’m all for it.

Pierce also talks about how the new acquisitions will log minutes and get him rest, especially when the small ball lineups are used.

“Courtney looked really good,” Pierce said after the team’s first official practice. “The way he can knock down shots, the way he defends, he can take pressure off me, because he can defend the 2 and the 3, so we can kind of switch off in that area. He’s going to blend in nicely with the offense and the defense that we have here.”

Asked later about Green’s potential impact, Pierce added, “He’s a guy that makes our lineup so versatile, because he can switch from the 3 to the 4 in a small lineup. Or he can make us a big lineup with him at the 3 and me at the 2, and it can cause matchup problems. He’s going to be a big key for us.”

The keyword for this year’s lineup looks to be versatility. I’m pretty doubtful about big lineups, but we’re definitely stacked as hell on the smaller ones.

If you missed it, I wrote a post earlier on the new NBA anti-flopping rule.

That’s all for today folks, have fun and I’ll see you soon.


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