First preseason game in seven hours!

Holey sheet. After three days of practice, there’s only seven hours more before the first game starts!

(via Red’s Army gallery)

I had a quick look at NBA League Pass just now, and the game is definitely set to be broadcast live. The time is unfortunately a little unearthly for us Australian fans – what do you say to a game at 0400hrs (Melbourne time)?

I am planning to play some ball at 0700hrs later, so watching the game is sadly not an option. (Not unless I intend to sleepwalk around the court and hurl bricks all day long.)

Here are some interesting little pregame blurps, courtesy @celtics.

The game plan tonight is pretty simple:

And over here, Dionte Christmas has warned of the opponent Fenerbahce Ulker not being an easy one. Bah.

Knowing the enemy is always good, so here’s a game preview from ESPN Boston, courtesy of Chris Forsberg.

Do the guys look ready to do battle? Reminds me of Assassin’s Creed, the hoods are up and they’re ready to strike.

Time to rouse the old battle cry – LET’S GO CELTICS!


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