Celtics v Fenerbahce Ulker – Awful or unlucky?

It took several tries before I finally finished the entire game. Either League Pass is crapping up on me, or my internet is. I’m hoping it’s my internet, because if it’s ILP it means my entire season is going to be so stuffed up.

Calling the C’s awful would be overdoing things and moving right into hysteria. Unlucky would be a little irresponsible. At this point, I would say the Celtics have a fair bit of game conditioning to go before they get back into 100% game shape.

(via Red’s Army – Celtics preseason opener)

Doc’s pretty impressed with Green; I think all of Celtics Nation is. BUT. I’m definitely not calling him James Worthy yet – it’s way too early for that kind of praise.

Random observations of the game:

  • Scal and Mike: could this be the new tag team when Tommy retires?
  • Corner threes should always, always be closed out on. It feels like Fenerbahce is excellent at making the C’s pay on their unwillingness to commit.
  • Rondo is pushing the ball well, but his passes seem to be a step ahead of Pierce at times.
  • Pierce does not seem to have his lift back yet – whatever lift he had previously anyway. He seems to be pretty gassed too.
  • Love JET’s shot selection.
  • Courtney Lee is crazy athletic and just plain fast on transition defense – he rockets to cover the open man the way a starving man goes after food. Not hitting his shots though, unlucky.
  • Following in the tradition of the current Celtics era, rebounding is still crap.
  • 25 turnovers and the final margin was only 6 points – this speaks a lot. Clean up half of those TOs, we would have won the game.
  • Darko is like a lumbering giant – huge, strong and slow. To be fair, he outlets the rebound pretty well and rolls effectively on the P&R.
  • Sullinger seriously has a great nose for rebounds. Great, great feel for positioning.
  • KG needs to give a couple of +10 Lateral Movement potions to Darko and Sullinger.
  • Melo is learning, he is raw but has pretty good instincts on the pick and roll.
  • Jeff Green’s right-handed right drive seems unstoppable, he just glides in and finishes even with a man in his face.
  • Bo McCallubb is what you get if you mixed Russell Westbrook’s speed with a diluted version of Manu’s crafty instincts. The dude just splits pick and rolls down the middle like he’s taking a walk in the park. Lightning fast, finishes with contact, good judgement on kicking the ball out and excellent shots on the spot up threes. He was the one who repeatedly plunged the dagger into the Celtics everytime they made a run. Does he do pullup threes I wonder?
  • I hadn’t realised David Andersen was on this team, but man did he kill Sullinger in the post. Sullinger shouldn’t feel bad, seeing as he was matched up against one of the premier players in the Australian Olympics team.

For more game analysis, feel free to check out the following links:


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