The Daily Ubuntu – 10 Oct 2012

The Daily Ubuntu is a collection of Celtics-related news and columns from around the intarwebs, just so that you keep in touch with our favourite green team.

Today’s edition features a mix of reads, so plunge on.

Rajon Rondo holds court in style – The Boston Common

Rondo’s on the cover of the Boston Common, looking sharp as always. The Boston Common is a magazine distributed for free in Boston, I got a copy the last time I was over. This time however, mmmm. Kinda tough, considering it isn’t a ten minute drive from Melbourne to Boston.

There’s plenty of Rondo-worthy quotes in the interview, so click on the title and check it out. (via CelticsLife)

Garnett plays name game with Celtics rookies – CSNNE

Pretty cute blurp, sounds like KG calls all of the rookies “Youngin” or “Young fella”.

Doc on Terry: He’s fun to coach and watch – CSNNE

Doc talks about Terry being a really easy player to coach with great instincts. The luxury of having a savvy veteran who knows what he should be doing on the floor, ahhh. I’m really glad JET came to Boston.

This time Darko is ready – CelticsLife

Good summary on Darko, Bohemian writes about why Darko wasn’t ready for the NBA in his youth. Expectations are lower this time, will Darko be ready to perform in his role on the Celtics, and do whatever it takes to get the team moving along the season?

Did Ainge miss out on draft home run? – CelticsLife

This piece is quite interesting, I’d highly recommend that you give it a read.

Of course, with the benefit of hindsight we can always second-guess Ainge’s decisions on draft day. I remember going “SH*T NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” when Marshon Brooks was traded over for JJJ, and we all know how that one ended. It does seem to be a trend with him picking the ones that end up as trade assets more than anything else.

Perry Jones III, hmmmmmm. Intriguing. Ah well, no use crying over spilt milk.

Now for something fun. NOC keeps up with their spiel of creativity and gets Jason Terry to haul in autographs from the people of Boston. Bet everyone’s really pleased and surprised to have an NBA star asking for their John Hancock instead of the other way round, and JET is just the man for this job – I love that big smile of his, it’s just so infectious. It’s great to have him around this season.

(via CelticsLife)

Celtics mailbag: Where does Jared Sullinger fit in? – ESPN Boston

Chris Forsberg does the mailbag Q&A routine, with today’s session covering the Sully questions that are surely flooding in right now, along with the backup point concern (again), roster questions and more.

Lack of backup point guard a concern – CelticsBlog

Doc doesn’t want Terry to handle the ball too much, Bradley is awful at the one, Lee is much better at the two, and the training camp guys (Christmas, Joseph, Smith) are too raw. So what does that leave us with? Rondo needs his rest, and I’m not going to vote for him playing full up every night.

If you ask me, I’d prefer Pierce to run the ball, with JET helping out.

That’s all for today folks, have fun and I’ll see you soon.


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