The Daily Ubuntu – 11 Oct 2012

The Daily Ubuntu is a collection of Celtics-related news and columns from around the intarwebs, just so that you keep in touch with our favourite green team.

Today’s edition features a mix of reads, most notably being the Doc interview that quoted him as wanting to insert Darko/Sully/Bass in the starting lineup in various possible lineups. I would still put my vote on Sullinger being the starting PF unless the other team has a really big lineup.

Rivers Open to ‘Transitional Starting Lineup’ –

The official take on this swinging doors-style that Doc is suggesting, with Marc D’Amico musing over possible lineups with opposing teams.

Doc: C’s could have multiple starting lineups – WEEI

“We can slide Kevin over to the four to start games. The first half of the year I don’t know if that’s a bad thing, so Kevin doesn’t have a wrestling match the entire season with the bigs,” Rivers said. “There’s a lot of thoughts. We may go to a transitional starting lineup, have three different starting lineups. We’ve put a lot of thought into it, we’ll just figure it out.”

I like the Darko lineup, it makes sense for KG to conserve his energy for the postseason and not get bumped around by other centers for the entire season. Having Man Mountain Darko bump others and give a few blocks every night? Me like.

Doc Rivers says Boston Celtics could use various starting lineups, including Darko as starter – Celtics Town

Tom Westerholm debates on the move-a-bench-guy-to-the-start thing, especially at the four spot. I reckon we have got a bunch of guys who could do power forward, depending on the opposing lineup. If you want big, it’s got to be KG. If it’s small ball, we could go PP, or even Green. No real need to get them knickers in a twist at this point, Doc will show us what he plans to do.

The Celtics may not have a set starting lineup this season – Red’s Army

John Karalis talks about possible motivations behind the Doc quote, including:

He could be pushing some guys to work harder. It’s not unheard of for a coach to use the fear of lost minutes on some guys… or dangle the carrot of more minutes to others. It’s hard to say right now. These guys are just coming off a quick trip abroad where they played non-NBA talent. It’s possible some guys were tired, complacent, or both.

It’s impossible to say what the end result will be here. My guess is that Doc won’t tinker TOO much with the starting lineup because he knows damn well that athletes thrive on consistency. These guys have routines that help them get ready to perform at peak levels. Messing with that is not often a good strategy.

John makes good sense on various points, I like the psychology angle the best. The media pep talk thing smacks of Phil Jackson more than Doc’s style though, I’d say Doc is probably just talking to give everyone something to yak about in the preseason. Great post.

Doc Rivers contemplating various Boston Celtics starting lineups, one including Darko Milicic – MassLive

Jay King talks about past productive lineups for the C’s, and goes on the same point that I talked about earlier – having Darko at the five helps limit the amount of bruising KG will take from big ugly nasties, exhibit #1 Bynum.

Fluid lineups – Celtic Green

FLCeltsFan explores various combinations possible with this season’s lineup. How would you like to see Green start instead of Pierce?

Kevin Garnett: ‘I don’t really talk a lot’ – WEEI

A lot of interesting nuggets in this post-practice interview, but as Ben Rohrbach points out, the funniest has got to be this:

“If you’re sitting over here bullsh@tting, they tend to bullsh@t,” he said. “That’s why I don’t really talk a lot. I like to be the example. Anything after practice that I can help them with, I kind of pull them to the side and show them different things. We watch a lot of film in the locker room and talk. For these young guys, man, I just try to be there for when they need me. I’m not a guy to push myself on anybody, but anything that they want to know, anything that they’re having trouble with, I try to be accessible to them.”

The most intense trash talker says he doesn’t talk a lot, mmmm. Maybe he’s referring to the fact that he doesn’t talk much during practice, but that doesn’t make sense too.

Rivers considering Sullinger in the starting lineup – Boston Herald

The title is probably a little misleading, since Doc also talks about Darko and Bass.

Of note in the article: Wilcox is still out of action. My paranoia alarms are going off.

What Can We Expect This Year from Pierce and KG? – Beantown Banter

Past statistics show PP and KG to have maintained their season game time throughout the years. Given good health, we should expect to see more of the same.

I would prefer to rest them more though, seeing as we have a more solid bench this year. It’s not a contest, there is no sense in running them thirty minutes a game if we do not need to. On that note, I like what Pop is doing with his older guys; he simply benches them for the last X games every season to ensure ample rest.

Eurotrip: Bonding over basketball – ESPN Boston

Seems like the Europe games have made the rookies more comfortable with the vets and vice versa, great to hear about chemistry forming within the team. Especially this bit from Christmas:

“When I first came in, I didn’t know these guys from nothing,” said Christmas. “Now I feel like these dudes are my brothers. I feel like I can call Rondo, I feel like I can call even KG for anything, and they’ll give it to me or they can help me out with it. And it’s not even just with the players. It’s with the coaches as well. I’m with the coaches a lot, too, so the bond we’ve got right now is crazy…One go down, we all go down. That’s how it is. Like I said, these dudes are like my brothers, I’ll do anything for them.”

That’s Ubuntu-ish enough for me. I’m glad KG and Rondo are taking the younger guys under their wing and giving them the support they need. Talking about rookie duty, it reminds me of Bradley’s peanut butter and jelly duties last time.

Will Dionte Christmas prove himself worthy of a roster spot? – Celtics Down Under

Check out my piece on what Christmas should be doing to clinch a roster spot – filling the team’s needs is absolutely essential and that means three things: hustle, defense and more ball-handling point. It’s easy to talk about him needing to do this and that, but I believe Christmas possesses the necessary grit and determination to succeed and carve his niche in the team.

Newcomer Lee likes ‘vibe’ of Green – Boston Herald

“That’s not a knock on any other team,” he said. “I’m sure the goal was the same everywhere else. But here you can feel it and see it, instead of just hearing about it. There’s the constant reminders, the constant videos in the locker room playing last year’s playoffs. The conversations you have with everyone from management all the way down to the ball boys and the equipment guys. Everyone is committed to winning a championship.

“Everybody does a good job of coming together. We have a lot of guys on this team with similar personalities and interests, all with one common goal: a championship. That makes it easy to give in and forget about being an individual and becoming a team.”

Courtney Lee says he likes the competitive and championship-or-bust environment that Boston has. Winners thrive in high pressure environments, that’s all I can say. It is really encouraging to hear about unity and selflessness on the team – Ubuntu time people.

Doc Rivers calls Jason Terry ‘so clever’: Shot-making not the only talent for new Boston Celtics guard – MassLive

Jay King talks about JET-related synonyms, and along the way elaborates on JET’s other underrated skillsets, especially his ability to read the game and make the right pass.

Lee shows potential in Milan – ESPN Boston

Greg Payne writes about Lee showing flashes of what he should be doing, come season start. I for one, expect to be seeing more of the corner 3s everyone keeps talking about. At minimum, I would want to see tenacious D and lots of energy in attacking the rim.

The Tao of Darko: Why can’t he help the Celtics? – CSNNE

Rich Levine writes about past bench busts, and Man Mountain Darko’s expectations in the team. Will he be able to buck the trend and become a solid contributor on the block? At this point everything is uncertain, but I do believe that he is showing a willingness to work hard, given what he’s shown us in the Europe games.

That’s all for today folks, have fun and I’ll see you soon.


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