The Daily Ubuntu: featuring Rondo’s cover launch, Dooling TV and more.

The Daily Ubuntu is a collection of Celtics-related news and columns from around the intarwebs, just so that you keep in touch with our favourite green team.

Today’s edition features a mix of reads, kicking off with Rondo’s cover launch and more lineup talk.

Rajon Rondo’s Magazine Cover Launch – has a video on Rondo’s cover launch at the Liberty Hotel for the Boston Common. It sure looks like a big thing huh? I like the way they themed the place up with #9 and green. Doc’s funny as always. “Rondo actually looks decent.. that’s pretty impressive.”

Lineup talk

Doc: Likely just one spot open for final five – CSNNE

Doc apparently has got his mind set on spot #4 outside of KG, Rondo and Pierce. I’m inclined to think that it’s JET for now, but it could be Green.

Jeff Clark at CelticsBlog muses on this topic of the finishing five as well, but concedes that it is more a problem of the luxury of flexibility more than anything else.

wjsy at CelticsBlog puts up a really enjoyable piece on a fresh perspective, with suggestions on various trios and duos that are going to be on the court. For example, the KG-Darko Twin Tower approach, or PP-Rondo-JET as multiple playmakers. So many possibilities, so much fun.

Paul Flannery at WEEI has a pretty detailed look at the possibilities of the lineups, with Doc offering choice quotes on different lineups being called for in varying situations, especially with Green and Pierce together on the floor.

“You can do it with the same lineup, just one’s a 2 and one’s a 3,” Rivers said. “You wouldn’t want to do it against a Miami with [Dwyane] Wade because one of those guys would have to guard Wade or a Ray Allen, a Reggie Miller type. You wouldn’t want them chasing guys off of screens. They don’t do that very well. It will be definitely a lineup we use, it will probably be a lineup we use every night at some point in games just to create our own matchup.

It sounds like an option more than a preferred choice of lineup IMO, and he’s hinting at the fact that neither of them would be quick enough when shutting down smaller, faster guards.

Why Brandon Bass Should Start at Power Forward for the Boston Celtics – Celtics 101

Here’s an argument for the other side of the board, on why Bass should start. Valid points, but to me it’s the difference between staying safe and pushing the limits on what we’ve got with Sully. I’d go Sully first to see how things work out to be honest.

The Heat is on Celtics’ minds – Boston Herald

Anyone surprised by this? This season’s lineup was built to fight against the HEAT’s small ball, so to say that the HEAT is on Doc’s mind is no mindblowing revelation. Whether we’re good enough to prove that on the court remains to be seen.

Practice talk

Meanwhile at practice, Bass is declining to comment on this overused topic on whoever starts the game.

Camp fire: C’s still focused on themselves – ESPN Boston

Bass on potentially coming off of the bench this season: “I have no comment on that question. No comment. We’re going to keep getting better every day. We have to get better as a team, and I think Doc will make the best decision for the team.”

I have to admit this quote does make sound somewhat pissed. I believe in him being a team player though, and like Doc always says the start’s not that important, it’s about who ends the game. You’re not going to be putting Sully or Darko to end games, c’mon. Bass will have his shot and he will get his game minutes somehow.

Talking about practice, here’s a great shot by Brian at the team huddle:

MrTripleDouble10 of Red’s Army has this shot of Rondo being Coach Rondo:

And here’s a great gallery of practice photos and videos from Red’s Army.

KG finally settled with some nicknames for the rookies after calling everyone “youngin” and “young fella”:

KG welcomes rookies to Celtics with nicknames – Y! Sports

The Celtics center says he likes to come up with pet names for his young teammates. Jared Sullinger is ”Sully” or sometimes ”Young’un,” and Christmas is Temple because that’s where he went to college. Kris Joseph is ”Shawn,” because he reminds Garnett of someone named Shawn. And Melo is just Melo because Garnett says he felt strange calling another man ”Fab.”

It beats calling everyone “youngin” huh? I like Kris Joseph’s nickname heh, Shawn now that’s cool.

Kevin Garnett’s daily dose of veteran wisdom – WEEI

The Big Ticket talks about vets doing their part to instill the right values in the younger guys, makes perfect sense. I’m just not sure if you could Sheed as part of that group.

“I’m a big fan of veterans. More importantly, the league being full of young guys probably needed a little more just to teach some of the young guys on work ethic, being consistent with your work ethic, and loving this game and giving 100 percent and not just bull[bleeping] and going through half-assen, entitlement, respecting, earning what you get and really, really setting yourself for the future. Not just riding off potential but actually becoming something. That’s why I’ve always been a big fan of veterans and I’ve always voiced that. Y’all know that.”

The influences who shaped Jason Terry’s career – CSNNE

This is a very good read on Jason Terry’s major role models in his life, from growing up to basketball. His mother, the various coaches he had, and even The Glove.

I like this final quote that wraps the piece up.

“It’s about being together, especially when you’re going after one common goal,” he said. “And we know what that goal is.”

1-on-1 with Dionte Christmas –

Molly McGrath shows off an interview she had with Dionte Christmas during the Europe trip, who talked about his Europe league experience and how it felt like – the lifestyle, the league, the players. He sounds very determined to make the NBA this time, and I’m rooting for him to make the team in the meantime.

Dooling Sportsality TV Show

A short reality TV style look into the Reverend’s family members and their home. If you’re on Twitter be sure to follow him at @AmbassadorKD.

Darko Milicic settling in with Celtics – ESPN Boston

Darko’s colourful expletives are a favourite feature of mine now – he reminds me of me. It’s the same old point over various articles – so long as he does his role well, we’re all good with Man Mountain.

Stoudemire May Miss Game Against Celtics – Off The Dribble

Anyone pumped up for tomorrow’s game against the Knicks? Amar’e might miss the game due to a bum knee, not that it really matters. It’s preseason so we can all yawn by halftime, while getting hyped up just to see some green action right now. How contradictory.

That’s all for today folks, have fun and I’ll see you soon.


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