The Daily Ubuntu: featuring Jeff Green dunking over the entire universe and more

The Daily Ubuntu is a collection of Celtics-related news and columns from around the intarwebs, just so that you keep in touch with our favourite green team.

Today’s edition features Knicks post-game reads, kicking off with raves about Jeff Green and more lineup talk.

Green shows he has come back strong – Boston Herald

Jeff Green continues to show more aggressiveness that everyone has been waiting for. I think the heart operation was really a good thing for him, it seems to have changed him somehow.

“It just feels good to be on the court and especially to do something like that, show people I’ve still got it.”

If you missed it, here’s the dunk that has everyone on their feet and lighting celebratory fireworks.

Rondo gives the dunk five stars and more.

Rajon Rondo said he wasn’t surprised by another solid performance from Green, including the night’s biggest highlight when Green dunked over two defenders in the second quarter. Rondo did playfully give the jam a rave review. Said Rondo: “Preseason-wise? It’s got to be the best dunk of the preseason. I say it’s No. 1 right now on my list. I’m a little biased, but it’s No. 1.”

Check out my post-game comments for more game details.

Postgame notes: Doc likes the offense – ESPN Boston

The one thing that stood out in this column has got to be the bit on Micah Downs.

Camp invite Micah Downs grabbed seven rebounds in less than 14 minutes of court time. The 6-foot-8 Gonzaga product is doing the little things trying to get noticed. “That’s just something I can try to bring to the table,” he said. “If I’m out there on the court and I’m not getting my shot, I’m not getting offensive looks, I’m going to try to go get the ball, help our team one way or the other. Whatever I can do. My size, my athleticism, I think I can help out at that position when Paul [Pierce is] not in the game or when Jeff [Green is] not in the game, or if we’re playing smaller and I’m playing at the four. Just trying to do everything I can to stick.”

I sort of like what Downs did, but I don’t see him cracking the rotation if he makes the team. He’s not big enough to be a four, and if you thinking of a small lineup he does not look to be quick enough. I would stick with Kris Joseph as insurance.

Lineup talk

Rivers confident in Celtics rotation – CSNNE

Even as Doc Rivers continues to go all mad scientist on the Boston Celtics roster with his ongoing mixing of different player combinations, it’s pretty clear that he has a nine-man unit in mind that he’s quite comfortable playing consistently.

“We know what the rotation is,” Rivers said. “We practice it enough. We’re not that concerned by it.”

It sure sounds like Doc is still experimenting with different lineups as the preseason games progress, and likely even when the season starts. I guess the important thing is chemistry, and secondly ego. If everyone is fine with not starting, then there shouldn’t be any bruised egos.

“No matter who is on the bench, we know what we gotta do,” said Green who had 12 points. “We watch the game, we see what we have to do, what we have to bring.”

Fountain of youth flows – Boston Herald

Steve Bulpett does a summary of the offseason storyline, with an emphasis on keeping minutes limited for the older veterans as the season progresses. He points to a need for the younger players to take (or in Doc’s language: earn) game minutes to reduce the grinding months ahead.

Makes perfect sense, but I won’t be holding my breath on a 15 man rotation anytime soon. It will be the guys we have seen, plus Wilcox and Bradley. I’m guessing Melo isn’t going to play much, and Christmas/Joseph should be playing in minutes here and there rather than extended stretches.

Boston Celtics’ Rookie Jared Sullinger “Pleads the Fifth” in Case to Start – CelticsLife

Frances at CelticsLife does a great piece on why Sully should be starting, adding an analogy of chess into the argument even. I’m nowhere as poetic in expressing my confidence on why Sully should be a starter, but he has got my vote.


Celtics’ Dionte Christmas Proving his Worth – CelticsLife

Another column by Frances, I like how our opinions are going along the same track on two topics. Isn’t it interesting how we like the people who agree with us more?

However, it is beginning to feel like it is Christmas’ time. Courtney Lee has parlayed himself out of a starting position. Terry has been the starter for the last two preseason games and that does not bode well for Courtney. I am sure Doc does not want the wear-and-tear that is sure to come as a starter for Terry.

Another thing that is in Christmas’ favor is that he has been shadowing Terry and the rookie has been soaking it up according to this Sept. 4th tweet.

At 6’ 5” Dionte can stroke the long ball and provide the Celtics with an Allen-type shooter. He will never be Allen, however he can fill in the blanks where Allen couldn’t. He can add size and youthful legs, where JET can’t. He also seems to display a toughness and more all-around game that I have yet to see in Courtney Lee.

Good points made, especially the toughness bit. I especially liked his hustle in the Knicks game. I’m rooting for Christmas, two more weeks and we should know if he makes the cut!

That’s all for today folks, have fun and I’ll see you soon.


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