The Daily Ubuntu: featuring Rondo all grown up and more

The Daily Ubuntu is a collection of Celtics-related news and columns from around the intarwebs, just so that you keep in touch with our favourite green team.

Today’s edition features a great Jackie McMullan piece about Rondo, training camp guys being waived and more.

The real Rondo interview

Rajon Rondo: All grown up – ESPN Boston

Jackie McMullan always manages somehow to look deeper into the players she works with, and this Rondo piece is no exception. Through interviews with various current and ex-Celtics (Dooling, Daniels, Wilcox, Bradley), she offers a glimpse of the real Rondo who is seldom if ever seen.

The one that always looked out for Bradley in his rookie days. The one who has such a close-knit friendship with Wilcox and Daniels (we probably wouldn’t have known), and of course KG and Dooling.

And of course, the previously moody and abrupt persona that is trying hard to be the leader now. I’m glad he has opened up so much now. Being in his shoes must be like shouldering a mountain sometimes, tough going but you just have to plough on and play the game, handle the media, be part of the team. So many duties to excel at.

Rookie talk

Celtics Waive Christmas and Smith –

Just a short press release, no details. It’s a real shame to see Christmas gone from the roster, such a shame. That being said, the roster was short of a backup point guard, and neither Smith nor Christmas have proven themselves to excel at the role. Smith did a little better, but not enough.

Christmas left a text message via CSNNE for the fans:

“Thanks to the Celtics for the opportunity, I really appreciate it,” he told via text message. “Thanks to the fans that were behind me through my ride with the C’s.”

Sullinger’s first bump is a good chance to learn – Red’s Army

John writes about growing pains for Sully. College players usually face problems adjusting to the NBA, because suddenly everyone is as athletic as they are, if not more. Raw physical size/skills are no longer enough, so what do you do? You adjust and improve on your footwork, on reading your opponent. You figure out what works, and what doesn’t.

Just like how Big Baby struggled in the paint last time, Sully has to learn to find his own way around them, either with better footwork or pumpfakes to draw the foul. With his smarts, there’s no reason why he wouldn’t figure it out as the season goes by.

Jason Terry is a Celtic Ep 3

More fun as JET plays 5 on 2 against a bunch of girls with Christmas as his teammate. Needless to say, the sharpshooting ladies won.

Watch out for sequence where Christmas hides in a box the end of the video after JET finishes his usual “thank you for subscribing to NOC” spiel, pretty funny.

Injury watch

Darko Milicic – sprained right wrist/hand

A sprained wrist isn’t too bad, that’s good news for anyone hoping to get more Man Mountain action.

Chris Wilcox – lower back spasms

And here we go, Wilcox is getting reconditioning delayed thanks to the back spasms.

Avery Bradley – shoulders rehab

Not holding my breath at all on Bradley’s return. It’s got to be December or later, until then we should just look to play with who we’ve got.

Play discussion

Celtics Lack of Pick-and-Roll Defense Cause for Concern – CelticsLife

Highlighting an increasing concern on pick and roll defense with the new guys, is this going to be a legitimate problem as the season progresses? Likely not, but preseason looks bad.

The Cutting Floor: Jeff Green, Courtney Lee, and Moving Without the Ball – CelticsLife

Good points made here. Having shooters who are capable of other things (like driving and/or passing out) will kick the team’s offense up another notch. It’s nowhere near what it’s supposed to be at the moment, but I see Green and Lee spotting up at the baselines more, while JET is at the wings taking the occasional open shot with the kick out pass. Occasional, not too often.

I could be wrong, but I think the ballhandling duties are impacting his shots. With two rookies waived, we shall see if Danny decides to look out for a vet PG to take up backup point duties. Do you think Derek Fisher could be in the running?

That’s all for today folks, have fun and I’ll see you soon.


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