Rondo worthy of a mention in MVP Race too?

In recent seasons, the Celtics have been led by none other than Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and oh that other name we can’t exactly remember anymore. These guys became the new ‘Big 3’ of Boston. In a period of championship and celebration along with some heartbreak, there was this one little fish that swam out of the water and caught everyone’s attention.

Enter: Rajon Rondo.

(via Red’s Army gallery – preseason game 4)

Rondo has been a force in Boston since he was handed the reins of the offense and the team. He has significantly increased his numbers as his career has journeyed on, with the latest numbers coming in at 11.9 ppg and 11.7 apg for the 2011/12 NBA season. Note that all of this was accomplished in a smaller number of minutes per game from the previous season.

This brings us to now: Opening Night. Only 13 days away. We have Lebron, Durant, Love and even Kobe (still) in the race for the MVP. But what about Rondo? Why have all the pro’s left him out of the discussion? Are they crazy? Most people think Boston would not be as good as what they were in previous years. What would that have to do with Rondo’s personal performances? Rajon Rondo could be dropping 20 and 12 every night no matter if Boston win or lose, in my book, that’s still pretty darn good.

With Rondo leading the pack from the front once again this season, this can only improve his chances of another impressive year by once again improving his career numbers. With recent team additions like Jared Sullinger and Jason Terry, plus the strong core that has already been built in KG and the Truth sticking around, Rondo could go ‘bonkers’ this year and show the fans that you don’t just forget about him.

Did the rest of the NBA forget Rondo’s epic performances in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Heat? 44 points.

Triple double games.

The list could go on?

This season, if Rondo stays healthy, not only would you see him leading the Celtics to another post-season, you will watch him soar over the best players in the competition. Have no doubt, Rondo is definitely the biggest MVP smokie of the league.


*Contributed by Steve Chalmers, writer, owner of Everything NBA on Facebook. Check ENBA out for the freshest NBA news updates daily.


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