Tearing the Nets a new one: Celtics win 115-85.

To get the mood right, let’s enjoy this baseline jam from Rondo.

What a great game! After the rather lackluster loss from two days ago, this game was great right from the first quarter, kicking things off with a 10-0 run that blew the game wide open. The game never got any closer after that. With the Nets unable to make a decent run or get consecutive stops (even when the scrubs were playing), the win was inevitable.

Defense was the keyword tonight.

Disrupting the passing lanes
The starters did a good job getting a hand into the Nets’ passing lanes, most especially with KG and his lanky frame getting everywhere. 7 turnovers at the half, this in turn led to transition points.

Upping the tempo, going on the break
This game was decidedly faster than what we have seen so far this preseason. Everyone was running hard with Rondo leading the break, especially Pierce, Green and Lee.

Lee was the sparkplug on both ends of the court. He hustled on defense, was always the first guy past the half-court line on the break. Lee finished with 18 points, what a guy. He was literally running his arse off, and in the first half Doc had to call a timeout to take him out of the game.

Defensive rebounding
I would call 33 team defensive rebounds quite good, going by usual standards. This allowed outlet passes to Rondo, who pushed it hard up the court for transition points.

Offensive movement
There was good movement on the court, more passing than dribbling. This translated into good makeable shots, rather than forced shots in the face of a defender. (The Nets seemed to have problems getting to the open Celtic on defense.) Everyone is slowly, but surely getting into the flow.

Shooting from deep
Pierce and Terry were flawless from the three point line, going 4/4 and 5/5 respectively. Balls of steel these two, bombing away with absolute confidence. That being said, I still do not like Pierce going for the three on every possession, although I understand he will take it if the defender gives it.

The team was shooting 11/19, a pretty unusual rate of 58%. Don’t expect to see this every game though, it’s not going to happen.

Ridiculous FT disparity
Celtics had 10 attempts, Nets had 31. Talk about the lack of calls!

Rookie watch
Sully continues to do his work. 5/9 field goals, 6 rebounds (1 offensive). He continues to play calmly and make the right play, passing it off when the opportunity comes, or taking the shot when he’s being given the chance to.

He wasn’t getting much love from the referees, clocking fouls every time a Net threw a body into him, and on the other end being hacked without a call. Frustrating, but that’s how rookie life is like I guess.

Kris Joseph made his mark on the game tonight, holding the lead steady with 11 points in the 4th quarter. He had a variety of makes, including a three, a finish off a cut (pass from Sully) among others. Looks like his nerves are settling, but I can’t say the same for the other guys (Downs, Kurz).

Game injuries
Bass got a bruise on his right knee and left the game early, not serious according to reports.

Pierce rolled his ankle after hitting a baseline three thanks to the defender’s outstretched foot. He returned to the game later showing no obvious limps other than a retaped ankle, being able to hustle from the strong to the weak side on defense easily.

Great win, let’s keep going and get the next one against the Knicks!


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