The Daily Ubuntu feat. the full court press, Collins staying ready and more

The Daily Ubuntu is a collection of Celtics-related news and columns from around the intarwebs, just so that you keep in touch with our favourite green team.

Today’s edition features talk about utlising the full court press, Jason Collins’ role in the Celtics and more.

Video highlights

In case you missed it, here are highlights from today’s Nets game courtesy of CelticsLife:

This highlight reel is about Courtney Lee’s breakout performance today – what a guy.

Check out the post-game comments if you haven’t read it yet.

League news

The NBA addresses a problem no one cared about – Red’s Army

If you have not heard of it yet, here’s the one liner: Players must keep their pregame routines to 90 seconds or risk getting hit with a delay of game foul.

I would hate for KG’s usual routine to be shortened, it’s good to see him pump the crowd up before every game.

In the grand scheme of things, shortening the player pregame rituals/handshakes/routines is of minimal impact. The bottomline: they want to maintain profit and shorten the game.

Celtics’ Doc Rivers not happy with NBA 90-second rule – USA Today Sports

“I think they need to change it to two minutes, maybe even 2 ½ minutes. I don’t think they factor in the coach actually has to draw up a play first, and then guys break. I hope that will be changed a little bit.

“It makes the first play that you draw up before the game almost silly,” Rivers said. “Guys are more focused on running out on the floor.”

The image of players running out frantically would be a comical sight honestly, but it makes me wonder why plays can’t be drawn up in the locker room prior. Or would summing up the play in the few minutes before that, keep things fresher in the players’ minds?

Player features

Jason Collins stands tall for Celtics – Boston Herald

Scal always bragged about him,” Paul Pierce [stats] said of former Celtic Brian Scalabrine, who played with Collins in New Jersey. “He thought he was the best post defender in the NBA. He’s a solid veteran. He won’t be asked to play big minutes for us, but he’s a true professional. He’s in the gym, in the weight room keeping his body in shape. There’s probably going to be some point during the season when he’s called on to play some big minutes for us.”

Pretty good feature on a solid role player. I have seen a lot of reports and interviews talking about how smart Jason Collins is, and to see him always staying ready and conditioned to do his job on the court? It gives me relief to see another guy who knows his spot and is ready to just play, not gripe.

What to expect from Leandro Barbosa: Scoring, but hopefully not many pick-and-rolls – CelticsTown

His assist percentages are directly in line with other shooting guards (13.3%), and his assist to turnover ratio per 36 minutes is 2.7/2.1. Those aren’t bad numbers by any means, but they aren’t point guard numbers either.

Also of note: Barbosa is atrocious in the P&R as a ball handler. Indiana used him as a P&R Ball Handler on 25.5% of Barbosa’s plays, and he produced just 0.45 PPP, and turned the ball over 18.2% of the time. Those numbers are FAR below any kind of level of acceptable efficiency. Barbosa was slightly better but still bad in isolation, averaging just 0.58 points per possession and turning the ball over 15.2% of the time.

Here’s Tom Westerholm from CelticsTown giving us a better look at Barbosa. It sounds like he’s another crazy fast break guard in the mould of Courtney Lee, but a below average point guard at best.

Play talk

Doc needs to utilize the full court press – CelticsLife

This is an interesting thought. With all the young athletic guards and legs we have got now, wouldn’t it be worth something to institute a full-court press for a few possessions in a quarter and see what that gets us?

It’s always been about conserving energy, but I reckon with the full guard rotation (when Bradley returns), we should have the luxury of doing this, more especially in the postseason when a single possession could decide the game.

Celtics crowded backcourt a work in progress – CelticsBlog

Ahh, the luxury of having a stacked guard roster, and to actually to have to worry about how we play them all to achieve maximum efficiency. Life is good.

That being said, having guys taking turns to bring it up and initiate the offense would be better than designating say Barbosa as the PG – I had a bit of hope on that previously, but it seems like he is better attacking than handling the ball.

That’s all for today folks, have fun and I’ll see you soon.


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