The Daily Ubuntu feat. team leadership, Ray’s obvious lie and more

The Daily Ubuntu is a collection of Celtics-related news and columns from around the intarwebs, just so that you keep in touch with our favourite green team.

Today’s edition features talk about team leadership, our favourite #20 telling a blatantly obvious lie and more.

Player features

I hadn’t intended to talk about Schmay Schmallen for a while, but he had to throw this out.

The Heat don’t know what to do with Ray Allen yet – Red’s Army

Allen went 3 of 11 from the field and 1 of 5 from three-point range. He had seven points in 22 minutes. Maybe it was just an off night; maybe Allen is still adjusting to coming off the bench.

Now let’s see, was there a certain somebody who had pride issues on coming off the bench? And he ended up being a role player anyway. For less.

Speaking of less money.

Ray Allen throws Celtics under the bus – CelticFanchat

When this contract situation came down, everybody in my circle — mom, family, brother, sister, friends from college, people who watched me since I was in high school and since I was in college — nobody wanted me to resign in that situation because they thought, ‘There [is] so much left in you and this team isn’t taking care of you or treating you right.’ That’s the way I felt and it was like, if you are going to come and not put out a good contract on the table then, hey, we gotta think about going somewhere else.”

Honestly, Ray Allen was one of my favourite Celtic players because of his work ethic and the way he always stayed professional. I thought I understood his point of view, that he wanted out because he needed to feel appreciated, or even to get a shot at a second ring. Fine, move out if that’s what you want.

I cannot ever condone lying however, and this is plain out lying. Didn’t the Celtics offer a better paying contract? What is this bull about “not putting a good contract on the table”? If the Celtics’ contract wasn’t good enough, what made the Heat offer better?

Ray signed in Miami for 3 years, $9.5 million. The Celtics offered 2 years, $12 million. Ray would have been a bench player on both teams.

You can cite other reasons for your departure, but don’t ever put it across as C’s management not having done enough to keep you in Boston – when you left and settled for less.

Man, I don’t know how he could have meant it any other way. It just sucks to see him talk about this like he expected a max contract for his continued tenure in green.

Celtics-Nets pregame: Doc talks Barbosa, start to season – Boston Herald

Asked where the 6-3 Barbosa will fit in to the Celt scheme, Rivers said, “I don’t know yet. I haven’t seen him, don’t know the condition he’s in or anything like that. we’ll just wait and see. I love what he’s done.

“I love his speed, his ability to handle the ball. we don’t have a backup point (guard), but we have another ballhandler. Our theory is if we throw three ballhandlers out on the floor, someone can bring the ball up — and that’s the way we’ll play with our second unit.”

Seems like Doc is sticking with the bring-ball-up-by-committee approach right now, and not with Barbosa running the point. No expectations, let’s wait for Barbosa’s arrival before making any further conclusions.

Team talk

Leadership – CelticsBlog

This inspiring piece by Tarek Pierce talks about the ideals of leadership in the Celtics. About how everyone has a responsibility to the team, to do their part and to “run their part of the relay”, as Tarek calls it. From Danny to Doc down to every player’s commitment.

And the final piece? Us, the fans. I’d recommend giving the full piece a read, great stuff.

Post-game “why we looked so awesome” quote-off: KG vs. Rondo – Red’s Army

“Philly, that was embarrassing. We don’t play basketball like that. That was embarrassing to us. We have a culture in here that we adopt. When you put this jersey on, it comes with responsibilities, whether it’s preseason or (expletive) around, chillin’, one-on-one, 21, whatever it is. It comes with responsibility. We don’t take that lightly around here. We felt like in Philly we took a step back. We feel like we got back on that horse and got better.”

Talk about pride huh?

Season preview

Ball Don’t Lie’s 2012-13 NBA Season Previews: The Boston Celtics – Ball Don’t Lie

Here’s a lengthy dissertation on the fate of the Celtics in the season ahead with an interesting perspective.

They want to see if James will want to dig in and traipse all over them again. We’re so assured of James’ dominance towards the end of the Eastern conference finals and NBA Finals that we more or less take his new low post know-how as a given. The Celtics want to see if he’s willing to give it to them, again, next spring. And I kind of want to watch, because I’m a sickie.

There’s lots more serious thoughts in the article, but they say the fate determines on how Rondo runs in the days ahead – I’m not going to argue that point. I’d suggest you dig in and have a look, decent read for the weekend.

That’s all for today folks, have fun and I’ll see you soon.


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