Celtics put Knicks away in 4th, win 109-98


But yes, this is preseason after all, with KG and Pierce sitting out. The game was slow and lumpy, but the C’s managed to keep the game within reach until the fourth quarter, when they blew it apart with a 27-6 run at one point. The rest as they say, is history.

Scrub play
Celtics scrubs Kurz, Downs, Joseph and Melo got significant playing time today. Joseph is playing better with every game, scoring 13 points tonight. One exceptional play involved him catching a pass from Terry and finishing at the rim with contact easily (plus making the FT). It’s good to see him gaining confidence.

Of the bunch, Melo appears to be the one who is most definitely not ready. He doesn’t set good picks, has problems with pick and roll defense, and doesn’t rebound as well as Sully. I foresee D-League time very soon. It beats being nailed to the bench or playing in garbage time honestly, he would stand to improve quicker over there.

Locked down for the win
Jason Terry, Courtney Lee and Jeff Green were instrumental in this win, playing and scoring at will especially in the fourth quarter. Green had 25 and Terry 22, those numbers say something about their will to get the win tonight, even in a meaningless preseason game.

Lee on the other hand played his usual game. He stayed committed on defense (especially transition D), played some point and hit some shots. Nothing spectacular, but nonetheless essential.

Coasting Rondo
Rondo was obviously playing at a very low gear, and it didn’t help that his shooting wasn’t going down well in this game, going 4/11. Sloppy passing with 6 turnovers, he nonetheless had his way around the basket with a ho-hum 13 points and 11 assists in 31 minutes of gametime, an easy double-double for Rondo. It’s hard to get locked in all the time, no blame here.

Check out this clip (via Red’s Army’s MrTripleDouble10) for a sloppy Rondo pass and a “grown man move” by Jeff Green, as Mark Jackson would’ve called it.

Knicks scrubs
The Knicks definitely have us outclassed in this category. They have got Copeland the rolling big man who can shoot from deep, Prigioni the 35 year old “rookie” who’s played in Euroleague for years, and possible addition James White, who played 45 minutes tonight with 16 points on 7/16. Shaky with 5 TOs but not too bad. Nice additions to the Knicks bench I would say, especially Copeland.

Onwards to the next game, counting down to the season opener.


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