Sixers grab last preseason game 88-79, time to look ahead.

A home loss sucks in the way of ending the preseason, but I’m glad to just see the end of it.

Not much in the way of new storylines seen in this game. Everything we have seen in the previous games, continue to be seen here.

Jeff Green doing his thing
A jab step. Shooting from triple-threat. Two huge steps, and the strong finish. That’s how Green is going to roll this season, and he’s proving to be more than capable of taking it right to the hoop.

With the rebounding and shot blocking capabilities he’s bringing to the team, things look good on the defensive end. The sharper he is, the better our bench is going to be. Stay focused Jeff!

Bass is still money
Mid-range. Dribble drives. Bass still hitting when it counts, consistently the best option on the court tonight. His knee didn’t seem to affect him too much, good sign.

Lee’s manic energy continues to impress
Suffocating defense on Nick Young, chasing him around screens, up down and around with no end in sight. Lee’s persistence on defense is very, very impressive. Count his added duties as the backup point tonight and I’m really pleased with what he has shown the team so far.

He’s proving himself as a capable combo guard who can handle a bit of the ball, a solid defender with great athleticism, and a player who can create his own shot off the dribble or into the paint as needed.

Sloppy passing and turnovers
Maybe it is just the way preseason is, but passing was sloppy was again in this game. Little things here and there like poor hand off dribbles with too much space in between, miscommunication on the one-two passes, kick out passes that are off mark and so on. It appears to be mostly chemistry issues between Sully and the starters. It does not look to be a major concern, we have a week of practice before season kicks off after all.

Of how roll men kill the Celtics with huge buzzing chainsaws
Fatal weakness. Tonight it was Spencer Hawes who abused the paint continually. Not as good as Copeland at finishing inside but being way more versatile, Hawes varied his routine, hitting his mid-range baseline shot easy.

Without KG, it remains to be seen how well the pick and roll will be defended. The interior defense has tightened up a notch or two in the past few games with multiple defenders collapsing but regressed a ton in today’s game, giving open lanes for the big men.

New wrinkle: Rondo in the post
We see more of Rondo’s aggressive low post moves. He’s quick and good to finish, but shows an unfortunate tendency to dump the ball to a teammate halfway through the spin into the paint – why oh why? Couch analysts will never understand the mind of Rondo.

That being said, I look forward to simultaneous action when Rondo is posting up. For example, a baseline shooter at the 3 line that he can pass to, or a cutter that he can pass and screen for.

That’s a wrap, and the next game preview will be up after the season opener. Until then, it’s all going to be post-practice interviews I reckon.


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