The Daily Ubuntu feat. Team Bradley, JET pranking and more

The Daily Ubuntu is a collection of Celtics-related news and columns from around the intarwebs, just so that you keep in touch with our favourite green team.

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Today’s edition features talk about JET’s pranking 101 video with Christmas, Wilcox on the road to recovery and more.

Video highlights

Prank 101: Episode 4 of the entertaining “Jason Terry is a Celtic” series by The NOC. The JET teaches you how pulling a prank is done (with the help of Dionte Christmas):

Watching this video reminds me again – sucks that Christmas got cut!

Player features

Bradley sends his home team on the road – CSNNE
Not Celtics-related, interesting topic nonetheless. Avery Bradley is the first NBA player in his own hometown over at Tacoma, Washington. Being that, he’s taken it upon himself to adopt the local AAU team, now known as Team Avery Bradley. He sponsors shoes and gear for them (via Adidas), pays for the plane tickets on tournaments and looks to provide a good environment for the younger Tacoma players to have a chance at balling further.

Good man, good read.

A Look Back: Paul Pierce – CelticsLife

Jacob Zweiback reminds us of PP’s epic duel against King James back in the championship season of 2008. He matched James shot for shot, hitting pullup after pullup, three after three. It was a race to score, and the Truth wasn’t going to give way.

Man, that was a good game.

Wilcox taking a weight-and-see approach to return – CSNNE

A short piece about Wilcox’s journey to get back in game form, unfortunately hampered by recent back spasms as we all know. One good thing seen here is his discipline on food intake. He doesn’t do it Big Baby style, but instead sticks to a healthy diet.

While we’re on Wilcox, here’s a few photographs of him visiting the cardiac unit for the Boston Children’s Hospital. (via Wilcox’s Facebook page album)

From his Facebook page:

Headed to @BostonChildrens to visit with kids in the cardiac unit and ICU. Wasn’t that long ago that I was in their shoes…

Lineup talk

Extreme makeover: bench edition – CelticsLife

This column’s quite fascinating when you think about it: none of the bench guys from last season returned. Zero. Some left during free agency, some were traded and the rest were not resigned. The only obvious exception of course, was Reverend Dooling’s signing and unexpected retirement.

Like what the article says, we have got a very solid upgrade in the off-season especially on offensive firepower, so I’m not complaining. I would have liked to see Pietrus or Quisy back though.

Irish Coffee: C’s chemistry at a 9 or 10 but not ’08 level – WEEI

Ben Rohrbach makes a very good point on this season’s team when comparing to the championship team in ’08:

That may v be true, but it raises another point: Other than Rondo, nobody really has a defined role. Five years ago, Rondo, Ray Allen, Pierce, Garnett and Kendrick Perkins practically defined the point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward and center positions. In fact, the only real matchup decisions C’s coach Doc Rivers ever had to make involved Eddie House and Tony Allen or Glen Davis and Leon Powe.

Now? Not even Pierce (guard/forward) and Garnett (forward/center) have fully defined roles. Sure, they’ll be on the court 30-plus minutes a game, starting and finishing games, but what positions they’ll be playing could change from night to night. Same goes for Jason Terry (1/2), Avery Bradley (1/2), Leandro Barbosa (1/2), Courtney Lee (1/2/3), Green (2/3/4), Brandon Bass (4/5), Jared Sullinger (4/5) and Chris Wilcox (4/5). Did we miss anybody? At least Darko Milicic and Jason Collins know they’ll just be playing backup center for a few minutes a night.

I would like to think that the obvious change in the player roles was necessitated by the evolving NBA landscape. Teams are getting smaller and faster, and to play the traditional team lineup is an open invitation to get killed by small ball lineups.

Making decisions on who to play is definitely harder, but the upside of this is versatility, plus the fact that most guys can do the job by themselves if needed, rather than being a role player that needs to be facilitated in order to score.

All this being said, Rohrbach is right on cautioning optimism. We are most definitely not going to start a win streak of ten games or more when the season opens. If we do, the progress bar on team chemistry has indeed moved along a lot quicker than what anyone else expected.

Play talk

Sag off Rondo? You’re just giving him a head start – Red’s Army

John Karalis points out how sagging off Rondo is always a bad idea, with his quickness and court awareness. Now that he’s got the elbow shot going, defenders will probably be a trifle more reluctant to go under the screen automatically, a crucial half-second that could just allow Rondo the hesitation he needs to get into the paint at will.

That’s all for today folks, have fun and I’ll see you soon.


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