The Daily Ubuntu feat Bass the awesome post defender and more

The Daily Ubuntu is a collection of Celtics-related news and columns from around the intarwebs, just so that you keep in touch with our favourite green team.

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Today’s edition features talk about Brandon Bass actually being a great post defender, more Ray Allen quotes and more.

Video highlights

Lee dunking: Courtney Lee dunking it after practice – nasty, but too many replays. (via Ben Rohrbach)

Molly McGrath has a post-practice update for all of us news-starved fans.

Practice talk

“Watching Kevin Garnett and the veteran guys talk on defense, I’m becoming a better talker, and that alone makes you a better defender, I’m growing, on the defensive end. I’m more confident.”

Bass talks about how he’s going to keep working and just stay ready, I like the way he expresses confidence in his defense. Learning how to talk is a skill that cannot be overemphasized, too often it is the lack of communication that kills team defense.

Player features

Brandon Bass is an excellent post defender, apparently – CelticsTown
Great analysis from Tom Westerholm, check this article out. There’s a video of Bass defending Bosh, which shows the little things BB does to keep his opponent from getting into comfortable grounds.

First, Bass uses his large, strong body to muscle Bosh out of his comfort zone, forcing the slender power forward to pass out and repost, which he does at the elbow. At this point, one would imagine that Bass is screwed, because we all know that Bosh, who is much faster, is about to drive directly around him, right?

Wrong. Bass moves his feet not especially quickly, but into exactly the right place to cut Bosh off. His long arms also would have contested a shot from Bosh, but by this point, Bosh is so frustrated that he chucks up a wild half-hook shot at the side of the backboard, and the Celtics are off to the races again. Bass just expertly foiled one of the best power forwards in the world in three separate, distinct ways.

A really good piece, because it points to Bass as being much more than what he is commonly advertised as – a jumpshooting big man period. Don’t forget to give this one a read.

Ray plays down the rift – ESPN Boston

He is advised how this exodus looks, that he made an emotional decision — to take significantly less money to play for a team that already has three superstars and precious few touches to go around — because he was hurt, his ego bruised, and his reaction was to sign with the Celtics’ most heated rival.

“No, no, it wasn’t like that,” Allen said. “I didn’t want to go anywhere. It hurt my family to leave. But once they loaded the roster, got Jason Terry, signed everyone but me, you could tell it was, ‘We can bring Ray back, but if he doesn’t come back, we’re all set.’

“I was like, ‘OK, this is business.'”

Our favourite Heat #34 continues to talk. I guess he doesn’t realise all this talking isn’t helping things huh? Now it’s about the organisation not showing commitment because they brought the JET in.

The question was posed to the Celtics coach shortly after Allen departed. Rivers bluntly explained he wanted the ball in Rajon Rondo’s hands more, that he wasn’t as confident with Allen’s ability to run the pick and roll, that he felt the team was more effective with Bradley as a starter. Left unsaid was a feeling among the coaches that Ray’s defensive deficiencies were becoming more difficult to camoflage.

“I sensed he (Rivers) didn’t want to use me in the pick and roll,” Allen acknowledged. “I was so good at pick and roll in Seattle. It always struck me as odd that they didn’t want me to do that.

“I would ask (Doc) about it, and he’d just say, ‘I think this is better for the team.’ But I always felt I could do it. I could shoot out of them, or get to the hole if I needed to, given the chance.

And over here, he talks about wanting to run the P&R. No man, no handling of the ball for you. I’m sure everyone was glad you didn’t dribble.

This quote below takes the cake – I really hope he doesn’t try it on opening night.

And what will he say to the Celtics on that night, when his two worlds collide in South Beach?

“I’m going to walk over and say ‘What’s up?’ ” he said. “Those guys are my brothers.”

Bad idea man.

Always a Celtic, no matter how West – CelticsLife

Bohemian speaks for everyone over here. We love how Delonte was in the Celtics, it was just tough watching him go down with injuries during his last season here. He’s a good guy, but we are just overloaded with guards at this point, adding him isn’t going to be very helpful.

Maybe next time, but not now.

The Celtics Get Jet-Fueled – Grantland

Amos Barshad does an interview at Waltham with Jason Terry about his decision to join the Celtics, and his potential contribution to the team this year. The rich opening makes me feel like I am at the practice facility itself, his style reminds me of the intimate way Jackie McMullan writes.

I love the quote that mentioned KG’s pitch to Terry about joining the C’s:

Garnett’s, expectedly, was way weirder. “I heard from KG first,” Terry says. “His phone call was simple. It was, ‘You love green, you’re from the Emerald City [Terry grew up in Seattle], and green is your favorite color. So why not be a Celtic?'”

No sales bullshit, no awkward compliments. Just straight up.

There’s a bit about Barshad’s own history with the Celtics, and his thoughts on the off-season, most especially Heat #34. There are snippets from JET about the Europe trip this year, about the bonding sessions they had at night – it feels good to hear that the guys are tight even off the court, just becoming friends and building relationships.

It’s a lengthy read, but the article flows really well, with thoughts about the KG era Big Three, expectations for the past seasons and what’s coming. Go on, read it.

Here’s a last quote about KG’s game face, this nickname’s new.

Before the media got booted from the closed practice, I watch with a security guard in a back tunnel. Turns out he’s a Celtics fan. “I’m Jamaican, we have different nicknames for everyone,” he says. “Garnett, I call him dogface. He be doing that dogface.” Then he growls, demonstrating what many of us might know as Garnett’s serial killer face. “When he’s out there, he’s like, ‘Eat that shit!” Then he does an exaggerated miming of a huge swat. We start talking about the playoffs two seasons ago, when Miami bounced Boston in five games. “It literally brought tears to my eyes,” he says.

dawg. face.

Team talk

Jason Terry says Celtics have ‘deepest bench in basketball’ – Boston Globe

“When I came here, I knew this team was very deep and very versatile. At every position, guys can create off the dribble, and also spot up and shoot. So with that comes a very difficult task for Doc [Rivers] — to pick lineups and match guys together.

“It will be difficult for opponents to match up. A lot of teams, you can get caught up, gear up and load up for them. But with us, you don’t know who’s going to beat you with all the different lineups we can play.”

JET is saying it out loud – the one flaw we had last season was a lack of players who could create their own shot, and this has been ably addressed during the off-season, with Lee, JET, Green and Barbosa coming into the lineup.

Granted isolation sets are not the most preferred option, but it is definitely something we would want to go to, given the high potential of mismatches that could happen during the game.

How will the Boston Celtics’ defense hold up in 2013? Probably quite well – CelticsTown

A look into how good the team defense could be, backed by stat analysis. The C’s defense emphasizes help defense and forcing the attacker into mid-range jumpshots, which of course is the shot that holds the lowest value. With the new additions, it would probably take a while for them to get adjusted to the system, but once they do things could be good.

That’s all for today folks, have fun and I’ll see you soon.


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