The Green Ubuntu feat Wade respecting the C’s and more

The Green Ubuntu is a collection of Celtics-related news and columns from around the intarwebs, just so that you keep in touch with our favourite green team.

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Today’s edition features talk about the Celtics’ open practice, Dwyane Wade showing respect for the C’s and more.

Practice highlights

Celtics open practice: One fabulous Rondo jacket and some offensive drills – Red’s Army

Videos of the open practice, courtesy Chuck from Red’s Army:

Observations from the Celtics “open practice” – Lucid Sports Fan

Mark Vandeusen writes about the open practice as well, check out his post with some videos and snaps of the session. It must be fun to be able to attend stuff like this, something we blokes in Australia miss out on. I like the part where JET was getting the crowd involved:

Jason Terry is a lot of fun. Before they started scrimmaging he told one side of the building to root for the green team, and the other to cheer for the white team. This got the fans much more involved. I was sitting on the “white” side, and the crowd around me chanted “de-fense” and jokingly booed Pierce on the free throw line at the end of the game

Player features

Heat’s Wade has great respect for Celtics – Boston Herald

“I understand what he was saying at that standpoint and we look forward to the challenge every year. Boston is always the team that’s going to make us point fingers (at each other) in the game sometimes. They mess with your mind a little bit. It’s a great challenge for us and by the time you get to the playoffs, we look forward it. You have to be aware and focused on everything that they’re doing because they can beat you any given night.”

Wade at least is acknowledging that the Celtics will prove to be a handful this season, rather than sitting easy in arrogance or overconfidence. He also recognises the fact that adding younger legs around KG will only serve to preserve him (and Pierce) for the games that matter.

“When you got great players, no matter how old they are, you’re a great player,” Wade said. “KG (Kevin Garnett) is playing phenomenal, like he’s found a fountain of youth. Why break it up? You do the San Antonio (plan), you just add players around the great players. San Antonio has been very successful and it seems like Tim Duncan has been in the league 38 years. Why change that? And Boston has kind of did the same thing. They felt they needed a facelift but they kept three of their core four to come back and still make another push at it. Their just as good. It’s a different dynamic than having Ray but they got other guys that brings something different to the team that will be challenging.”

I like the way Wade thinks, now if only he wasn’t a Heat player.

Stronger case for Sixth Man of the Year: Terry or Green? – CelticsLife

Interesting argument, and I would put my bets on defense being the key that swings the vote. Should Green be capable of good defense in the season ahead plus consistent scoring, he’s a definite shoo-in over the JET for me.

Rajon Rondo’s roadmap to greatness starts with Paul Pierce – CelticsBlog

Jeff Clark contrasts Rondo’s career with Pierce’s, which interestingly seem to be have similar bumps along the way. You can never judge until one’s journey is done, but here’s hoping Rondo rises to greater heights in the years ahead.

Injury watch

Darko Milicic

“I have some pain and it’s going to come back,” he said. “The only way I’m going to heal is not doing anything. Not lifting or anything. But I just can’t do it right now. I can’t let it go. I have to keep lifting and working out. The pain is going to be there for some time, but it is what it is. The tape gives me some support and that will be on it as long as I feel some pain.” – via WEEI

Something to worry about? At least it’s not his master hand, but the season is 82 games after all, and getting sufficient rest doesn’t seem to be an option.

That’s all for today folks, have fun and I’ll see you soon.


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