Wizards fail to clinch game, C’s grab first W 89-86 in spectacularly heartstopping fashion.

What a hell of a game. The Wizards were missing Wall and Nene, but instead got a combined 62 points from their bench. They were so damn close to taking this win too, but a deep three from Pierce and two free throws from JET sealed the game. The win could have been a comfortable one, but the Wizards were on scoring binge, the C’s couldn’t buy many buckets whenever the starters were out, and so everything came down to the wire.

It was a good thing no foul was called on KG for that final shot. The refs apparently decided to let everyone play without making weird calls.

And if you missed this in the highlight clip above, you have to watch the amazing play Rondo made in today’s game. Attempts a shot, gets blocked, but moves to get the dropped ball and lofted it back through the hoop in a single motion.

Only Rondo, folks.

Game comments:
Core operation
The guys that stayed on from last season were operating at a better gear today. Pierce, KG, Bass and Rondo could be seen moving better and having good chemistry. They were carrying the bulk of the offense (accounting for 59 of the team’s total 89 points) and the offense was noticeably stagnant when Pierce and/or KG were not on.

Bench scoring
The bench managed to score at a decent clip, but we need more scoring, most especially from JET (8 points) and Green (11 points). JET seems to rushing his shots a little, and Green needs to take it in more. Granted he scored from outside today, but we don’t need three or four guys standing at the arc ready to jack shots, we need people who can take it in to the hoop!

Slightly less porous defense
Defense was moving better today in terms of communication (and less open shots) compared against the Bucks game yesterday. I’m looking forward to more improvement on this end.

The main takeaway from this game? A needlessly ugly win, but ah well win is a win. It will be good to see how the next game against the Wizards will turn out. The atmosphere of TD Garden should help the guys to play better, and hopefully not settle into complacency.


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