Green Kick Of The Week feat Rondo’s Foamposite ‘Fighter Jet’

This weeks winner of Kick Of The Week is once again Rajon Rondo. Rondo has been at the top of his sneaker game all season long, and this week he did not disappoint.

In the win over Cleveland and subsequent disappointing losses to Chicago and Milwaukee, Rondo wore the Nike Air Foamposite One ‘Fighter Jet’. 

Cleveland Cavaliers v Boston Celtics

Rondo is the first player in the league to wear the ‘Fighter Jet’ Foams. These kicks are set for release very early in 2013 but Rondo gave us all an early teaser.

The shoe features a mostly camouflage outer, with a black tongue and red running through the soles.

Nike Air Foamposite OneCamo

Personally I’m a huge fan of Foamposites, and while these are not my favourite, I still really like the colourway. Even if you don’t like the look of these shoes, you have to acknowledge that they are a very unique shoe.

The name of the shoe: ‘Fighter Jet’ was quite relevant to the way Rondo was playing against Milwaukee. He wasn’t in a good mood and was trying to set Brandon Jennings off for most of the night.

Boston Celtics v Chicago Bulls

Do you like this version of the ever-growing collection of Foamposites?



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