Slowing the raging torrents: Celtics @ Clippers preview

Bradley lays it in.
Bradley lays it in.

(Boy do I miss Bradley and Stiemsma.)

LAC game at 1430hrs AEST tomorrow, this will be the second of a four game road trip, to be followed by GSW and SAC.

The keyword to this game? Tempo.

The Clippers thrive on transition offense, and any careless mistakes could prove costly. Slow the game down, get them moving to a half-court paced offense and we’ll have a fighting chance.

Other factors would of course be:

  • Rebounding: limiting second chance points
  • Truth time: Pierce’s ability to deliver what is needed, likely scoring more than anything else
  • Bench scoring: if we cannot match the stacked LAC bench’s output, the onus will be on our starters to pull the cart. This could be too heavy a load when you have to work on both ends, namely limiting their offense and trying to outscore them.

Keep your fingers crossed, and let’s hope for a good showing tomorrow.


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