Green Kick Of The Week feat Rajon Rondo’s Nike Hyperposite PE

Let’s focus on the positives! With a week full of negatives and a losing streak to boot, it’s time to take a look at one of the very few bright spots.

This week’s KOTW winner is Rajon Rondo, who bought out an awesome pair of Nike Air Max Hyperposite PE’s against the New York Knicks. Attention-grabbing, metallic, shiny, flashy, even gaudy – you name it, the shoe’s got it.

Rondo HP PE 900

Rondo is quickly becoming one of, if not THE player to watch for the latest and best sneakers. If Nike wants a shoe to get attention, they know who they should be handing it to – Mr Triple Double, Rajon Rondo. He has worn Hyperposites for a long time now, but these take the cake as being the most flashy.

Rondo Game HP 900 1

The colour is a strange one, sort of a mix between gold and lime. The shoe features Rondo’s logo on the tongue, black accents and an icy sole. I can only imagine Rondo’s reaction when he saw this game on the schedule, and found out it was going to be nationally televised; he knew he had to bring out his best kicks yet.

Among the pairs I’ve seen Rondo rock, these Hyperposites are by far my favourite colourway so far and I can only hope he brings them out again. After all, he did get a triple double in them.

Rondo HP PE 938

What does everyone think about these kicks? Do you think Rajon Rondo is leading the league in the shoe game, or do you have another brilliant candidate in mind? Let us know what you think.


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