Trade Paul Pierce?

The Captain.

For those of us who’ve been following the Celtics since at least the 1980’s, and endured the gut-wrenching agony of watching our beloved team continuously suffer from bad draft picks, lack of potential, poor coaching, lazy & uninspired players, the shocking and sudden deaths of would-be superstars, we understand how painstaking loyalty to a single club can be, when the easy option would be to turn one’s back on the club.

The one and only shining light in the last 20 years has been Celtic captain Paul Pierce. He endured more than emotional scars whilst playing for his, and our, beloved Boston Celtics. He often felt like giving up, taking the easy option, but never ever did.

His loyalty was rewarded in 2008, with the supporting cast he deserved to finally capture the flag, and his loyalty should be, not only rewarded right now, during a trying and tumultuous time, but rewarded forever in the annals of Celtics history, by affording Paul Pierce the respect, honor and dignity of retiring as one of the greatest ever Boston Celtics to ever pull on the Green and White.

Anything less is a betrayal. A betrayal to Paul, a betrayal to KG. A betrayal to Rondo. A betrayal to Doc. A betrayal to the rich history of Boston sports. A betrayal to the memory of Red Auerbach who truly believed in Paul Pierce’s heart, loyalty and determination. Last but not least, a betrayal to us, the fans.

A multitude of ‘fans’ seem only to care about the hope of success in 2013, and seem focused on cutting off our nose to spite our face.

I for one am not willing to throw Paul Pierce under the bus, in the hope of chasing the ghost of Banner 18.

Legends deserve much, much better.


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