Green Kick Of The Week feat Jeff Green’s Nike Air Max Hyperaggressor

Time does not seem to fly at all this season isn’t it? We have reached the All Star Weekend at long last, and let us just say it has been an eventful season thus far for the C’s; a season full of heartbreaking injuries, heartwarming team effort and not forgetting of course, the awesome kicks. It is now time to introduce another pair of kicks that have caught my eye.

This week’s winner of KOTW is Jeff Green and his Nike Air Max Hyperaggressor. Green has been playing fantastic lately and coincidence or not, he has been wearing these kicks while doing it. It sounds like the Hyperaggressor is exactly what the Doc ordered.

Chicago Bulls v Boston Celtics

These kicks are available in a large range of colourways, and naturally Green went for the green and white colourway, as befits a Celtic. I might be just that teensy bit biased behind the green goggles, but I think this particular colourway is the best of the lot. Don’t you agree? I know you do.

These kicks might not be the flashiest pair that has been featured on KOTW  this season, yet the design and overall look of the shoe just works. The laidback green and white theme combined with the trademark Nike swoosh just blends so well with the sneaker design.


Green bought out these Nike sneakers in every game for the past week. He has been leading the Celtics revival in many ways: with his energy off the bench, late game heroics, huge dunks and huge scoring.

I don’t want to jinx him or the Celtics by stating the obvious, but it seems that Green is finally putting all that ‘talent’ and ‘potential’ together on a consistent basis. Here’s hoping he can keep it up!

Boston Celtics v Charlotte Bobcats

Personally, I really like these kicks and they are even more likeable because of what ‘The Green Machine’ has been able to do in them.  I would love to see these kicks featured on many more poster dunks in the coming weeks when Green goes on his his cold-blooded, yet deranged axe murderer routine and does the monster one-handed jam routine on multiple hapless defenders.

What do you think of these Nike kicks, do you want Jeff Green to keep ’em or dump ’em? Keep the sneaker love coming – green-tinted naturally!


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