Green Kick Of The Week feat Kevin Garnett’s Anta KG3 All Star P.E

This week was harder than most to pick a winner for KOTWThere was Terrence Williams, who whipped out the Air Jordan XX8‘s for his first outing in a Celtics uniform. Then there was also Courtney Lee, who wore the Nike Air Max 2 Strong. Keep a look out for those two players in the coming weeks, they will definitely make KOTW one way or another.

This week’s KOTW winner is Kevin Garnett and his Anta KG3 All Star P.E. These kicks were a one-off for KG to wear in Houston, made specifically to commemorate ‘The Big Ticket’ making his 15th All-Star match.

KG with Gregg Popovich
KG with Gregg Popovich

Kevin Garnett signed with the Chinese sports brand before the 2010-11 season, and has rocked some awesome colourways in the Anta brand ever since. Anta has marketed Garnett terrifically, and it is not surprising he is now one of the most popular NBA players in China.

This particular P.E is a great way to pay homage to his amazing achievement of 15 All-Star appearances. As you can see, the shoe features a dark blue and silver outer with ’15’ on the side – no prizes for guessing what 15 stands for!

Anta KG3 All Star P.E
Anta KG3 All Star P.E

I really like this shoe and although he only played six minutes in the All Star game (thanks to Heat coach Eric Spoelstra for resting him), these kicks definitely deserve some recognition. If KG sticks to his word, these kicks will be remembered as the shoe he wore in his 15th and final All-Star match.

Anta doesn’t get near the amount of hype that Jordan and Nike does. Do not think for one minute that they aren’t growing though; Anta is really starting to gain some momentum, mostly thanks to Garnett as their main man.

The Big Ticket shoots over CP3
The Big Ticket shoots over CP3

Sadly we won’t see these kicks on the court again. Rest assured KG will keep rocking Anta’s, hopefully for the rest of his career, however long that may be.

What do you think of these Anta kicks? Do you want KG to keep ’em or dump ’em?


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