The JET is back: Boston Celtics @ Dallas Mavericks preview

Dallas Mavericks logo
Dallas Mavericks logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just when you thought we couldn’t suck any harder, the Celtics decided to go to the next level and lost to the Hornets. WELP.

Stat check: The Mavs have won 6 of their last 10 games , and have last their last game to the Utah Jazz.

Game time: 23 March 2013, 1230hrs AEDT

Watch it on: NBA League Pass

Roster changes:

  1. Rajon Rondo (ACL) and Jared Sullinger (back) are out for the season.
  2. Rodrigue Beaubois will be out after undergoing surgery to repair a broken left metacarpal in his hand.
  3. Shawn Marion (calf) stated that he will be suiting up against Boston.

Top enemy performers:

  1. Scoring: O.J Mayo (16.7)
  2. Rebounds:  Shawn Marion (7.9)
  3. Assists:  Darren Collison (5.2)

Keys to the game:

  1. Maintaining the intensity. I’m beginning to sound like a broken record, but we all know how important it is to maintain that right mindset from the tip off till the buzzer sounds. The last game was lost because guys stopped doing what they were supposed to, as well as the usual shots missing. Every game matters at this point, and we have to wake the hell up RIGHT NOW. 
  2. Stop the Dirk! Dirk Nowitzki – Official Celtics Killer. Nowitzki averages 26.9 points against Boston, which means (a) he scores a lot and (b) Boston has no answer for him. We’ve seen how Big Baby struggled to match up against Nowitzki, only because Dirk was taller/experienced/skillful. Even without JET and Jason Kidd, Nowitzki is still a match up nightmare by himself.
  3. Rebound, box out, position. NBA players don’t like to box out for some reason. It’s the #1 basic fundamental in rebounding, but they justttt refuse to do so. Celtics are of no exception. Simple rule: Control the boards and we control the momentum.

The JET’s furious about his lack of performance, and promises to deliver as redemption. Coincidentally, this is his first game back in Dallas after signing with the Celtics. How will his welcome game turn out?


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