Feature: Boston Celtics wallpapers on Posterizes.com

If you’re on the lookout for brilliant wallpapers to decorate your desktop the Celtics way, check Posterizes out.

Designed by Ryan Hurst, Posterizes.com
Rajon Rondo – Celtics Pride. Designed by Ryan Hurst, Posterizes.com

Rajon Rondo is the heart and soul of this current incarnation of the Boston Celtics, and he is growing and evolving as a player right before our eyes, becoming more of a scoring threat while maintaining his stellar ability to find his teammates on offense and to steal the ball on defense with his hounding perimeter D.

Rondo comes from a long line of Celtic greats: Russell, Bird, Cousy, and countless others who have put on the green and white uniform and gone to battle for the historic city of Boston. When you put on that Celtic Uniform, with it comes a sense of pride, a sense of history, that you are playing for one of the most historic and prolific franchise’s in all of sports. Rajon Rondo may just be the next great Celtic, and he sure is putting everything he has towards that goal.

Kevin Garnett 25,000. Designed by Ishaan Mishra of Source24designs
Kevin Garnett 25,000. Designed by Ishaan Mishra of Source24designs

Kevin Garnett is not known for his scoring. He is known for his fierce passion for the game, the deadly intensity with which he steps out onto the court every single game, the leadership he exudes at any given moment, his defensive prowess and hustle, and perhaps most of all his heart. But that hasn’t stopped Garnett from becoming one of only 16 players to ever cross the 25,000 point barrier for his career.

Whatever his team needs, KG has stepped up and delivered with flying colors. When in need of a critical score, KG has the ice in his veins to step up and score points with his patented step back fadeaway post jumper, and this is why despite his lack of reputation as a scorer, KG can get you buckets. That is what makes a great player, and that is why KG will go down as one of the fiercest and most talented Celtics to play the game, and that is saying something.

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