Green Kick Of The Week feat Avery Bradley’s Adidas Crazy Quick

The Playoffs are almost here and I can hardly wait! With just six regular season games remaining for the Celtics, and a Playoff spot clinched, it’s hard not to look ahead. The play becomes very intense, and I hope the sneaker game does the same.

For now, I’ll take a look back at the pair of kicks that caught my eye from the past week.

This week’s winner of KOTW is Avery Bradley and his Adidas Crazy Quick’s. This was Avery’s first game in the recently released Crazy Quick’s. These kicks were debuted by Washington point guard, John Wall, about a month ago.

Clevland Cavaliers v Boston Celtics

Bradley wore these in the disappointing loss to Cleveland earlier today. Interestingly, he only wore them in the first half and changed to a grey pair of Adidas AdiZero Crazy Light 2′s for the second half.

Does this mean we won’t see them again? We’ll find out soon enough, but I certainly hope we see them again.

Clevland Cavaliers v Boston Celtics

These are built for the quick basketballer:

“From making explosive cuts into the lane, grabbing a loose ball or being a lock-down defender, quick is the key to elevating to the next level,” says Robbie Fuller, adidas advanced footwear designer. “We designed the Crazy Quick with athletes in mind. Every player needs to be quick to out-perform the competition and this shoe gives them a unique advantage.” –

Below is a close up of the Adidas Crazy Quick colourway made specifically for John Wall.


I really like these kicks. Bradley wore the plainer white colourway, I would love to see him rock a green colourway.

Do you think Bradley’s on a winner with these kicks? Do you think ‘The Game Changer’ should keep ’em, or dump ’em?


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