A Study in Green: Jason Terry aka The JET

When the JET touched down in Boston, fans rejoiced. Sentiments such as “Terry will make us a much better team”, and “Ray who?” were common amongst Celtics fans. Coming in, all Celtics fans thought that Terry, along with other new faces, would give us the bench punch we needed to knock off Miami and go further than the previous post-season. I was personally ecstatic. Getting a player who, in 2011, was just as important as Dirk in getting Dallas’ first championship, publicly trashtalked the best player in the world (and our enemy), then backed it up on the court? I thought he was going to fit perfectly with our team on and off the court.

Atlanta Hawks v Boston Celtics

Unfortunately, as the season went on and injuries mounted, the Celtics had their worst regular season and earliest playoff exit since the new Big 3 was assembled back in 2007-2008.

There were plenty of factors for the poor season by the Celtics. Losing our best player, our best rebounder and bench sparkplug all within 3 weeks were big factors. As the season progressed however, the fans’ frustration in Terry seemed to grow as well.

The Good

Jason Terry is at his most effective with the ball in his hands, when coming off a screen. This was how Dallas always used him, and this was what Celtics fans envisioned of him before he played a game for us. He demonstrated that in the playoffs against the Knicks, when it seemed he was given some offensive freedom to attack the New York defense. He shot a touch under 50% between the 16-24 feet range out on the floor, which is an elite number. His routine of promising big games, and then delivering on that promise, just as he did after copping an elbow from JR Smith in game 3, is also a great attribute and speaks for his confidence level in himself and his team.

Boston Celtics v New York Knicks - Game One

Jason Terry also embraced his bench role, even going as far as coining himself the captain of the bench squad at the beginning of the season. Having an established veteran scorer that is willing to come off the bench is a big plus, and not to be taken for granted (this was something other stars had a problem with).

The Bad

Terry had a forgettable 2012/13 campaign to say the least. His PPG average was down to 10.1 PPG, which is the second lowest average of his career (his rookie season was the lowest with 8.1). He only managed to hit .372 of his 3 point attempts, and connected with .434 of his overall shots.

It is worth noting however, that out of his 14-year career, his 3 worst seasons have been when he changed teams.

  1. His rookie year (99-00) where he averaged 8.1 points per game.
  2. His first season in Dallas (04-05), where he averaged 12.4 points per game.
  3. This past season (12-13), where he averaged 10.1 points per game.

After his rookie season and his first season with Dallas, his game picked up significantly. If history is anything to go by, we should see a more productive Terry next season – if he is still in green playing alongside Pierce & KG in Brooklyn.

It is also worth noting that Doc was not playing to Terry’s strength at the start of the season, where he was running Ray Allen-type plays for Terry, making him run around multiple screens to get a shot off. As stated previously, Terry is more than a catch and shoot player and we should put him in better positions to excel.

The Verdict

I was lucky enough to be in Boston to watch game 4 vs. New York, where Boston won in overtime. That was one of the best games I have seen of Terry in a Celtics uniform. That, was the player Celtic nation envisioned getting when he came across from Dallas – closing the game with 9 points in the overtime, and taking the burden off Paul Pierce, who finally buckled from carrying the team post Rondo injury.

I though that Terry would have been more comfortable in the Celtics system for the next season prior to him being dealt to the Brooklyn Nets. Moving to Brooklyn with both Pierce and Garnett, and having a coach who was an ex-teammate in Kidd should greatly benefit the Jet in terms of familiarity. If Brooklyn are lucky, they will be able to see what Boston didn’t — the Jet soar again.
What do you think, will the JET be worth his salt and deliver the goods for Brooklyn in the new 2013/14 season? Share your thoughts with us.


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Big Basketball fan (both player and spectator) - Boston Celtics fanatic, but also follow the whole league. Living in Melbourne, Australia, I am also a big AFL fan, following the Carlton Blues. I have started writing for Celtics Down Under as an opinion columnist - striving to display my in-depth knowledge of the league, and specifically, the Boston Celtics.

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