Can the Celtics rely on youth strength?

A lot has been made about Boston’s need to restructure and revitalise the team, following big-name departures this summer but it seems their youth ranks are determined to prove themselves to new head coach Brad Stevens and meet the expectations of Celtics fans across the world.

With stars Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, plus coach Doc Rivers on the move this summer, many sports betting fans who bet on basketball assume this team are ready to start trading. Yet the threat of being swapped for bigger and better talent hasn’t gone down well in the Celtics ranks.

“We’re in the NBA for a reason,” Jeff Green defiantly told ESPN this week. “We might not have the star power as other teams, but we’re here for a reason. We’ve been put on this team to play basketball and I feel like we can play with anybody in the league. It’s only five-on-five.”

Green’s admission that he and his teammates don’t boast the superstar qualities of other NBA sides may surprise some people. Usually sports stars are more media savvy and deflect such testing subjects. Yet clearly talk of rebuilding the team has hit a nerve with Green and the pack, and you can see why.

Basketball betting fans on Bet365 know the Celtics weren’t exactly reliant on Garnett and Pierce, with Green, Courtney Lee and Rajon Rondo all chipping in their experience. Granted, we came to call on youth once or twice but both Jared Sullinger and Avery Bradley stepped up when required and we managed a winning season off the back of a team punching above its weight.

Well, why can’t we have another winning season with the same core of guys? Kelly Olynyk’s arrival looks good and, as has been voiced on this site already, maybe it’s better if we conserve our resources, take stock for a year or two like Oklahoma and pile up the draft picks.

This team isn’t capable of winning the championship, but then again neither was last season’s. Give Stevens a few years with this team and see if we don’t make headway into the playoffs. The boss has proved himself a great player developer at Butler, and so fans shouldn’t look back in despair but forward with promise for the future.

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