A Study in Green: Chris Wilcox

Our reviews from the 2012/13 season continue, this week turning our attention to a no-fuss veteran in Chris Wilcox.

Credit: @Lil_kaino
Credit: @Lil_kaino

The Good

Putting Taj Gibson on a poster
Putting Taj Gibson on a poster

Chris Wilcox’s Twitter said it all: ‘Minor setback for a major comeback.’ The man wearing #44 received some horrible news, namely the fact that he required aortic surgery in season 2011/12. This caused Wilcox to miss the remainder of the regular and post-season, including the run that would take Boston to Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

The comeback of Chris Wilcox was quite remarkable. A man who was returning from a heart procedure that occurred in March of 2012, was playing in Boston’s pre-season campaign in November of the same year. He began the season with a flourish, playing like a man who had nothing to lose and illustrating just how happy he was to be back on the court. Pairing with Rajon Rondo early in the season by connecting on fast breaks and alley-oops, Wilcox proved he could be quite a handy role player for the Celtics on the offensive end.

For the season, Wilcox went for a ridiculous 72% shooting from the field. This was largely due to finding open looks under the basket, and being rewarded for running the floor. Another unbelievable statistic showed Chris Wilcox was the league’s most efficient offensive player in the regular season according to Synergy Spots data.

The entire NBA’s most efficient offensive player.

The Bad

Inconsistency plagued Wilcox’s 2012/13 campaign. He was bounced from regular minutes, to playing behind Jason Collins and Shavlik Randolph over the course of the season. On the defensive end, CW struggled to rebound the ball on a regular basis and was sometimes slow on defensive rotations, which might have explained his sporadic appearances. A thumb injury didn’t help his cause either, sidelining him for a good month of the season as well.

Wilcox found himself in the doghouse of Doc Rivers a few times too, which might have been the reason the Celtics attempted to trade him to Washington for Jordan Crawford at the deadline. Wilcox was able to veto the deal, which meant the Celtics were forced to send Jason Collins as part of the trade instead.

As a result of Wilcox’s inconsistent season, he was unable to gain minutes in the playoff rotation, only appearing in two games against the Knicks for a total of six minutes, despite the Celtics’ obvious need for a big presence in the paint and on the boards to help Kevin Garnett.

The Verdict

While appearing in 61 games this season, Wilcox showed glimpses of the energy forward-center the Celtics so desperately needed off the bench. The only problem was, strong performances on both ends were hard to string together for CW. Now as an unrestricted free agent, and with the Celtics roster containing so many big men, it would seem Wilcox may not return in green uniform next season. As a good locker room guy and ambassador for Lupus awareness (visit chriswilcox.com for more information), we wish him the best at his next team!

Let us know what you thought of Wilcox’s season by commenting below.


6 thoughts on “A Study in Green: Chris Wilcox”

  1. Chris Wilcox showed flashes of being the perfect big off the bench for us, the main thing against him would have to be his inconsistency. Although, I think his comeback from heart surgery was very underrated – every spoke about Jeff Green, and how he came back after his heart surgery, but, not as much was said about Wilcox’s comeback from the same procedure.

    1. Totally agree, especially because his comeback was 4 months faster than Uncle Jeff’s. I suppose if he’d been able to be a consistent player for us, more would have been made. He definitely had his good moments though!

  2. Too bad about his inconsistant play. . .I sometimes think that teams need a good psychiatrist on board to get the most out of the players, but maybe that’s what the coach is supposed to be. (or maybe a super sports person spouse) Doc wasn’t great at deveoping youngsters or dealing with bigs.

    1. You make a really good point Charlie. I think the C’s bought Keyon Dooling on board for that reason at the beginning of last season, he was a really good leader for the team. It’s a shame that he got the urge to play and join the Grizzlies. Wilcox’s best is invaluable as a bench player. Thanks for reading :]

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