Green Kick Of The Season FINAL: Rondo’s Hyperposite’s v Pierce’s Air Legacy’s

The Final is here! Before we delve into the Finals match up, let’s take a look at how Rondo v Rondo in the Conference Final went down.

The match up of Rajon Rondo’s Nike Hyperposite’s and Rajon Rondo’s Nike Foamposite Fighter Jet’s was a close battle. In the end, Rondo’s flashy, gold Hyperposite’s move on to the Final after collecting 64% of your votes.


It all comes down to this; Paul Pierce v Rajon Rondo. ‘The Past’ v ‘The Future’

Rajon Rondo’s Nike Hyperposite PE



Paul Pierce’s Nike Air Legacy 3 ‘Black History Month’


You have decided the top two pair of kicks for the season, check back next week to find out who is crowned the winner of the Celtics Down Under Green Kick Of The Season for 2012-13.


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