Getting Bass to basics

Brandon Bass is one of my favourite Celtic players when he’s getting the job done on defense, it’s amazing how a power forward with his physique has managed to defend the likes of dominant players like LeBron and Melo with nothing but hustle and solid footwork.

Brandon Bass defending Carmelo Anthony

Next up, offense. Stone cold mid-range jumpshots, swishing one after another. Getting inside with one dribble and dunking the sh*t out of hapless defenders who are a step too late – that’s exactly what I’m talking about bro!

In case you’ve forgotten what Bass dunking looks like:

Unfortunately, the past season has shown that Bass can get a little lost on his game, especially when experimentation on new moves get thrown into the mix. This applies especially to the realm of the low post, where Bass has not been exactly Shaq-esque in his prowess. I haven’t exactly pored over every preseason game with a magnifying glass, but the recent two (Philly and New York) games have me squirming uncomfortably in my chair. I could of course be wrong, but Bass displayed a tendency to spin his defender while deep in the post, amongst the usual array of the Bassman’s offensive arsenal.

This is an intervention

So, here is an intervention to Brandon Bass before the season begins. We all know how effective you can be when you stick to the usual options, so do what you do, and keep hitting those mid-range shots. Forget about being a great passer, and we don’t need you to be in the low post banging your defender into mincemeat either. Just set them screens, take the open shot on the pick and pop and sink them when you’re ready. If not, get that pump fake going, drive into the paint and finish strong. We know you’re a decent free throw shooter, so it doesn’t worry any of us when you get fouled.

Of course, coach Stevens and the rest of the staff probably know better than this keyboard warrior lurking over in good old Melbourne about what’s best for Bass, but I’d like to think that I know at the very least, what he’s very good at, and that doesn’t include low post moves right now.

Yours truly,
A C’s fan who wishes to see the return of No Pass Bass.


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