Green in the low post: A work in progress

From what we have seen on preseason so far, Jeff Green’s role on offense looks to feature more attempts at the low post. Granted the team needs him to be in this role, but it looks like adjustments are definitely needed in the days ahead.

Jeff Green in the low post.

One observation so far, is that Green is still not accustomed to having double (or even triple) teams thrown at him this quickly. NBA defenses move at top speed, and the only way out is to read the defense. Stay a step ahead, play smart. Take your shot if you have one, or kick the ball out before a trap closes in.

Things look awkward enough when he’s facing a constant double-team at the wing. This situation is compounded when we have Green in the low post. Playing with his back to the basket in the low post is a big adjustment from his usual 1-on-1 line drives. You feel your defender at your back, observe your surroundings and look for an opportunity to score, while doing a tightrope walk between a brilliant dish out to the open shooter or being swarmed under by multiple defenders. The latter scenario unfortunately happened today, as Uncle Jeff had his ball taken away when the Nets threw three guys at him.

Hesitation, literally kills.

Should things progress well, we’ll have a smart low post offensive machine who can make the right passes and allow the rest of the team the luxury of spacing themselves outside, granting opportunities for open shots for the trey. Hell, I’ll even throw in the possibility of Green dishing sneaky serves to roving cutters like Bradley. That however, is a best-case scenario.

Stay positive and stay tuned folks, as we witness the evolution of Iron Man this season.


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