Kicking off the season: The Anta Rajon Rondo 1

After ordering the Anta Rajon Rondo 1 white/green “Home” colourway off Hi Basketball (credits to @KWAPT of Red’s Army for the heads up), the Anta Rajon Rondo 1 have finally arrived!

It wasn’t exactly the most glamourous package, the Anta box being all wrapped up with what looked like hemp and tons of masking tape.  After a few minutes of wanton destruction however, the prize was revealed in its full glory.

Our resident sneakerhead Hayley’s busy with exams right now, so it’s up to me to whip some quick notes on the sneakers:

  • Intricate lacing system, likely the first thing you will notice about them.
  • RAJON tagged at the front of the shoe, just below the laces.
  • Silhouette of Rondo featured on the tongue. (I like to imagine it’s Rondo cocking that arm up for a nasty bounce pass)
  • Mid to high cut, ample cushioning on the sides for ankles. (My kind of shoe!)
  • Low arch on the insole
  • Number 9 prominently displayed on the rear. Self-explanatory 😉
  • Fit: I’m a US 10.5 on the Air Jordan XIII, and the fit on my US 10.5 Anta RR1 feels just right. Add a bit of athletic tape/support however, and things might get a little snug.  If you’re not using any kind of support, the fit should be just fine.

Now, on to the eyecandy! Pictures snapped with my Nexus 4.

More importantly, the Celtic green/black “Away” colourway is now available for purchase at USD$99.99! If you were gunning for that, hesitate no more 😉

Just in case you were curious how it looks like:

What do you think of Rondo’s first signature shoe on Anta, is it a yay or nay?


2 thoughts on “Kicking off the season: The Anta Rajon Rondo 1”

  1. how is the cushion of this shoe? does it feel like a brick? or it could be as comfortable as an EVA foam or Lunarlon?

    1. Not exactly cement slabs, offers a bit of cushioning. That being said, I’d say you could always do with a better pair of insoles than the stock ones provided these days, but that’s just me.

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