The one thing Bass could do less of.


Brandon Bass had a fairly decent show in the Bucks-Celtics game of 1 Nov 2013.  Scoring a team-high 17 points on 6 of 11 shots (5 of 6 free throws), 9 rebounds (3 offensive boards!), 2 assists and a block, I’d even go as far as to say he was excellent. Did you know he was the only Celtic starter with zero turnovers for the night?

He certainly backed up his talk about improving on rebounds, and even showed a turnaround jumper that could well prove to be a formidable weapon, should he master consistency on that shot. Props also goes to his relentless running on the break, which certainly helped his scoring with easy putback dunks.

One area that I wasn’t really in love with however, was his dribbling. As far as my opinion goes, he should not ever be bringing the ball up on the open court.


Early in the first quarter, he fumbled the ball while dribbling, but managed to pass it off to Wallace, who was ahead and waiting at the wing. All’s well that ends well.

bass01He got another chance for a fast break in the closing seconds of the first half, but lost his handle while pushing the ball up. The clock expired before he could get a shot off.

To be honest, none of these were fatal mistakes. Bass knows his role, and almost never dribbles unnecessarily when executing offense on half-court. On fast break opportunities however, it might be wise to outlet the ball to the nearest guard ASAP and just sprint for the basket. It might not be much, but we could very well get a couple of easy baskets off little things like these. Tiny steps, small improvements. I’m rooting for the Bassman to get better and stay as the starting PF for now. As long as he understands his role, Bass is a perfectly solid guy to have in the team. Go the Bassman!


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