Game 7 of 82: Celtics, Jeff Green stun Heat in Miami heartstopper

Kelly Olynyk got his first NBA start as the Celtics beat the Heat in a thriller 111-110.

Image credit Kaine Underwood @Lil_Kaino

The 1st quarter started with a 3 from the guy who made his first NBA start, Kelly Olynyk.  Miami tied it up 3-3 before Crawford banged home another 3 and its 6-3 Boston with 10:17 remaining. LeBron scored 6 points quickly to put Miami on top 12-13 with 7:11 left. Miami pushed their lead to 9 with less than 5 minutes remaining behind some great defence before Bass slammed it down and a Crawford 3 brought the Celtics back within 6. Bass picked up his 3rd foul in the first quarter with 3:33 left, Celtics were down 9. Humphries knocked down a nice jumper to bring the margin back to 8 with 2:49 left. The rest of the quarter went back and forth as the Celtics trailed 25-31 at the end of one. Tough first quarter as the Celtics picked up 8 fouls while Miami only had 1. Bass had 3 PF while Olynyk had 2. Sullinger did some nice work with 4 points and 3 rebounds. The Celtics shot 58% but Miami shot 65% and attempted 10 more free throws.

The Celtics began the 2nd quarter with a tough sequence as Miami went end to end to score before Green responded with a 3, leading the Celtics on a 10-3 run to take a 1 point lead with 9:53 left. Green converted an and 1 to give the Celtics a one point lead with 8:37 left.  The Celtics had now outscored the heat 21-11 in the 2nd to have a 4 point lead. Courtney Lee provided another spark off the bench scoring 6 points quickly. Beasley scored 4 quick points to tie the game up with less than 5 minutes left. Gerald Wallace was called for a shocking charge and Beasley scored again to give Miami a 2 point lead before Wallace tied it up with 3:27 remaining. Crawford banged in a deep 3 at the buzzer as the Celtics outscored Miami 28-35 in the quarter to take a 1 point lead into the half.

Half time Statistics

  • Not much defence was played as Miami shot 61% and the Celtics 60%.
  • The Celtics shot 56% from downtown on 9 attempts.
  • Miami had 19 attempts at the line as Boston only had 9.
  • Crawford scored 11 on 100% shooting from the field including 3 from deep.
  • Courtney Lee & Kris Humphries combined for 13 off the bench.
  • The Celtics had 11 assists on 24 made field goals.
  • For the Heat, Michael Beasley scored 10 off the bench while LeBron and Bosh combined for 23 points.

The 3rd quarter started with a big 3 from Jeff Green followed by a jumper from Bass before Bosh answered with a layup, as the Celtics pushed the lead to 4 with 10 minutes left. Olynyk was called for a 3 second violation as LeBron hit the technical and Bosh followed with a layup to cut the Boston lead to 1. Jeff Green knocked in a 3 but Battier answered straight away, that 3 gave Miami a 1 point lead.  Miami forced a Boston time out with 5:43 remaining as the Heat took a 3 point lead. Bradley attacked the Miami defence and put it in to cut the deficit to 1 with 3:45 left. Humphries converted on a jumper to tie the game up with less than 2 minutes remaining. Miami had shot +15 in free throw attempts but only took a 2 point lead into the last. Sullinger had 10 points and 6 rebounds, Humphries had 9 and 5 while Crawford had 13.

The 4th went back and forth as Jeff Green cut it to 1 with a 3 but Cole responded with one of his own. Pressey knocked a jumper down to bring the Celtics within 2 with 10:08 left. Miami pushed the lead to 6 with less than 8 minutes left.  Jeff Green slammed another one down while getting fouled, then missed the free throw. Bradley put in a deep 2 from the corner to make it a 4 point game with 6:05 left. LeBron converted a 3 point play to make it a 7 point Heat lead with less than 5 minutes left. Bradley banged in a huge 3 followed by an even bigger 2 that made it a 2 point game with 3:43 remaining. Crawford buried a tough pull-up to bring the Celtics within 2 with 2 left.  Bradley hit a huge shot with under 40 seconds left to keep it at a 2 point deficit. Olynyk missed a wide open shot & LeBron made 2-2 from the line. Miami led by 4 with 3.6 seconds left. Wallace put in a layup with 1 second left to cut the Miami lead to 2. Wade got to the free throw line, being fouled by the Celtics in an attempt to save the shot clock. Wade missed the first, and got called for a lane violation due to a failed attempt at burning the clock up, his free throw not hitting the rim. This gave the Celtics a chance to win it all, being down 2 with 0.6 seconds left.

Out of a final timeout, Gerald Wallace inbounded an amazing lob to Jeff Green as he hit a 3 from the far baseline, and the Celtics won in a near-magical fashion, stunning the Miami home crowd and giving Boston a 3 game win streak so far.


Notable statistics

  • The Heat attempted 22 more free throws.
  • The Celtics were +13 on rebounding
  • The Celtics had + 11 more assists

Notable players

  • Jeff Green had 24 points & 5 rebounds (including the game winner)
  • Jordan Crawford finished with 15 points, 2 rebounds & 4 assists
  • Jared Sullinger had 12 points & 8 rebounds
  • Avery Bradley had 17 points
  • Kelly Olynyk finished with 7 points, 8 rebounds & 4 assists
  • Gerald Wallace had 6 points, 5 rebounds & 6 assists
  • Phil Pressey had 7 points, 3 rebounds & 4 assists
  • Kris Humphries had 9 points & 5 rebounds.

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