An Open Letter To Jeff Green

By @HayleyRT3

Dear Jeff Green,

To some people you are Uncle Jeff, others call you The Green Machine or even Iron Man; I simply call you an inspiration. I don’t call you an inspiration because you shot the game winning three over LeBron, I call you an inspiration because of everything you have done up to that point.

credit: @lil_kaino
credit: @lil_kaino

Everyone reading this probably already knows your story; the nothing short of extraordinary comeback from heart surgery. At the time of your surgery most of us fans didn’t know just how close you were to death, let alone ever setting foot on a basketball court again.

The doubters said you would never live up to the hype and that if you ever made it back you would be nothing more than a battler.

To them I say, LOOK AT HIM NOW! Not only are you hitting game winners whilst falling into the stands, you are leading this team forward in a very difficult transition time.

credit: Getty Images
credit: Getty Images

Thank you for the dunks.

Thank you for being an ‘asshole’ (KG would be proud!)

Thank you for proving to D-Wade that if you’re trying to miss a free throw, at least hit the rim!

Thank you for keeping the rivalry well and truly alive and for carrying on the tradition from Paul Pierce when it comes to shooting game winners in LeBron’s face.

But most of all, THANK YOU for being an inspiration and giving Celtics fans all over the world hope; not only in basketball terms, but life.

Jeff, I’m proud to call you one of my favourite players. I will defend you for as long as takes, until the rest of the NBA world catches on and realizes just how inspiring you really are!


Hayley Wildes – very proud fan of you and your team.


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