Green Kick Of The Week ft. Phil Pressey’s KD V’s

Green Kick Of The Week is back! After crowning Rajon Rondo the winner of last season’s Kick Of The Season, we will need to look in other places to find weekly winners until he returns to the court. And this past week, our rookie point guard has stood up.

This weeks winner of The Kick Of The Week is Phil Pressey and his Nike KD V Hulks. Pressey has been switching back and forth between Rondo’s old Nike PE’s, Nike Hyperdunk’s and KD V’s. 


I’m a huge fan of every KD shoe, and especially the KD V. This atomic teal colourway is one of the best in my opinion, and is appropriately titled the ‘Hulk’. The volt Nike swoosh was the perfect match for the colourway chosen.

Pressey wore these kicks for the majority of the past week and during that time has shown plenty of promise for the future. He may be small, but this man won’t take a backwards step.

Boris Diaw , Phil Pressey

I’m not a huge fan of speckled soles, but it doesn’t look half bad on these kicks. This pair of KD V’s were released in March this year and you can still find them on eBay.

What are your thoughts on these kicks? Do you think Phil Pressey should keep ’em or dump ’em?


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