Are the Celtics worth a shot?


If you love a really longshot punt, the Boston Celtics are available at up to 150-1 with some online bookmakers to win the Eastern Conference.

This might fairly reflect our chances of winning. After all, ahead of us in the betting are some pretty warm favourites in the shape of Miami Heat at just less than even money. The betting market then graduates out to the Indiana Pacers, through to the Chicago Bulls, the Brooklyn Nets, the New York Knicks, the Atlanta Hawks, the Detroit Pistons, the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Washington Wizards and the Toronto Raptors – and only then do we get to the Celtics at 11th.

So obviously, you’d have to be just about the most optimistic fan out there to take a punt – but it might just be an entertaining one. Under new head coach Brad Stevens, it seems that just about anything is possible. And after just about the worst conceivable start, things are now looking a lot brighter. So with cash you can comfortably afford to lose – a little bet may provide some entertainment. And there may even be a way you can get that bet for nothing. That’s because the online gambling and gaming industry is just about the most competitive business there is – so all the providers are falling over themselves in an attempt to win our business.

It’s best to go with a trusted name, though, so if you play on 32Red now, for example, and haven’t previously registered with the site, you should be able to profit immediately from a bonus payment of $32 free for each $10 deposited. In this way, you’re off to a flier straight away for sports betting and/or the site’s casino.

But remember that with any casino game the house has the edge; the “house edge” as it’s appropriately called and no matter how small this is – the laws of probability dictate that the house will gradually win out in the end. But at least by stacking the odds in your favour with the bonus cash from the off, you have a fighting chance of coming out ahead overall and reinvesting the proceeds on the Celtics. Either way, it’s a bonus well worth having and it’s kind of a double-whammy if the Celtics do well.

And who knows whether thy really can turn things round or not? The tide is certainly beginning to turn. With Kelly Olynyk and the young team around him – the Celtics today are the kind of team that will upset and delight the fans all around the globe when we least expect them to. We can both beat and lose to pretty much anyone on the day – and that makes us both fascinating and frustrating to follow. But it all adds to the spice of basketball life. And after the gutsy win over defending champions Miami Heat, anything now seems possible.

(This is a sponsored article by 32Red.)


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