Green Kick Of The Week ft Rondo’s Anta’s

This week’s Green Kick Of The Week winner is a little different. For the first time ever, the KOTW goes to a player that is yet to register a second of playing time this season.

This week’s winner of Green Kick Of The Week is Rajon Rondo and his Anta Rondo 1 PE’. These kicks are Rondo’s first signature shoe with the Chinese sports brand, Anta.

Phot credit to @geminikeez
Photo credit to @geminikeez

Whilst Rondo is still rehabbing his knee, he has been with the team at home and on the road for every game. He has been working out a lot prior to games and I can’t wait for his return!

These kicks, in my opinion are awesome. They may not be as flashy as some of Rondo’s Nike’s from last season but the slick design well and truly makes up for that.


You can find the Anta Rondo 1 on-line, but these kicks are different to those available to the public. These player edition Anta’s are exclusive for Rondo and feature a new bold ‘R’ logo on the side panel.

Another major difference from these player edition Anta’s to those that the everyday person can pick up is the all white outer. If you decide to buy a pair of Rondo’s you will get a lot more green you see in the photos above.

What are your thoughts on these kicks? Do you think Rondo should wear these kicks when he returns?


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