Green Kick Of The Week ft Pressey’s Nike ‘Gloves’

There hasn’t been much action on the kicks front this season for the Celtics. Most players are sticking with the same sneakers every game and aren’t showing much heat.

Having said that, Phil Pressey has been wearing all sorts of Nike’s. This weeks winner of KOTW is Phil Pressey and his pair of awesome Nike Air Zoom ‘The Glove’.


The Nike Glove was made famous for its extremely unique design, just like the player they were made for; Gary Payton. They can be worn either zipped up or down, Pressey has chosen to go with the zipped up look.

Pressey wore these kicks in the loss to Portland earlier this week. He has also laced these up a few other times since the beginning of 2014,  including in games against Oklahoma City and Denver.


The Nike Air Zoom ‘Glove’ has been released in many different colourways, in my opinion the colourway Pressey has chosen – The Sonic Wave – is by far the best.

Do you think Phil Pressey should keep ’em or dump ’em? Let us know your thoughts on these kicks!


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