Rondo eyes new deal but can Boston deliver?

Before the Boston Celtics’ 101-83 defeat to the Oklahoma City Thunder, newly-minted captain Rajon Rondo had admitted that he wanted to stay with the team, but the question worrying some fans is how realistic is this?

Not again!
Not again!

Rondo admitted to NBA betting pundits that he did not want to leave Boston any time soon, and that enough could give some fans the boost they need. But of course, things aren’t that straightforward.

The point guard has had a long-running affection with the club, after joining them in 2006 following a trade from the Phoenix Suns. Within the year, he had established himself as the starting point guard, and won his first NBA championship in 2008.

Danny Ainge confirmed to The Sports Hub that he has made an extension to Rondo, but the problem may lie with his valuation to the club. His ACL injury last year could have caused problems but Ainge’s stance seems to suggest this won’t matter. Due to the NBA’s CBA rules, Rondo could miss out on a bigger contract in the next few years.

The best option for now seems to be to play the waiting game. The club have stuck by him during his injury lay-off and the fans now must hope a deal can be struck. Rondo needs to return to his best form, and, with his ability, there’s no reason to suggest he wouldn’t.

Quite simply, with the line betting still predicting a difficult season for Boston, Ainge needs to work his magic to make Rondo a Celtic for the rest of his career.


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