The Bass gets deeper – How will his corner 3 change C’s game?

According to Steve Bulpett from the Boston Herald, our favourite midrange shooting big man Brandon Bass is all set for the new season with an interesting new wrinkle to his game.

But Stevens knows Bass will find a way to contribute.

“One of the things is he’s got certain things he does really well, so he can play a role that can really help a team,” the coach said. “He can make that mid-range jump shot. He can post some matchups. He’s extended his range to the corner 3, which we’re really excited about. And defensively we think he’s a unique player, because he’s a guy that gives you a chance to match up with the elite wings in the league at the 4 (power forward). He can switch some screens and guard the wing. – Brandon Bass a steadying force, Boston Herald


That’s right folks, the Bassman is a potential downtown bomber now! Bass has always been a solid player who does his job with minimal flair, and I’ve been a huge fan of his game ever since he joined Boston (except the times when he tried to post up.)


Can you imagine the patches of green extending to the corners? Such a beautiful sight to behold.

Definitely better spacing

Whilst a three pointer might not be the best option every single possession, we can imagine the value Bass as a corner shooter would have on court spacing. He would drag his defender away from the paint for Rondo, Smart and Green to do their slashing work at the rim. Less one big man in the paint, more room to maneuver and for cutters to charge in for open buckets – everything sounds good here.

It all depends on the amount of twos that get changed into corner threes, but I’d think that the midrange shot still remains a staple part of his game, while this corner three remains as an experimental option. After all, we’re talking about only the corner three, and not a wholesale migration of Bass’s game out to downtown. The only shots that should get affected should be his baseline twos moving out to the corner. The usual pick and pop shots that come out of the elbow screens should still result in midrange shots.

Less offensive boards?

Would Bass popping out to the three point line, lower his value on offensive rebounds though? According to basketball-reference, Bass has steadily increased his offensive rebounding rate over his career with increased minutes. His minutes per game usage peaked at 31.7 in 2011/12 with 1.6 offensive boards per game. His highest ever offensive rebounding rate though, came from last season, where he got 2.0 offensive rebounds per game.

Congested spacing for guards?

This is probably not as bad an issue, but having Bass as an option on the corner 3 might clog the corners for guards when moving off the ball. This is true especially for players like Bradley who take a lot of shots at the corners.


The corner congestion issue obviously can be ameliorated with varying the lineups and plays, and you would imagine coach Stevens already waving this off as a non-issue. Plenty of time to experiment!

What do you think of Brandon’s new weapon – potential gamechanger in the making?



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