Green Runs Deep #7 – Erin


Our seventh edition of ‘Green Runs Deep’ features Erin, a Celtics Down Under friend from Florida, in the United States of America. Erin is an extremely passionate Celtics fan whom I’ve only recently begun to follow on Twitter. I’m sure glad I did. Not only is she a terrific person but the Celtics are 3-0 when Erin attends games at the TD Garden!! -AusCelticsFan

Celtics & Wine.

Please tell us about yourself.

“Hi, my name is Erin. I am from Clearwater, Florida. You can catch me on Twitter (@erinava) live tweeting Celtics games while drinking wine.”

How did you first become a fan of the Boston Celtics?

“It was June 2010. I had just put my daughter to bed, grabbed a glass of wine and flipped on the television. Basketball was on. I had never watched basketball before but I had seen a few tweets about it on my timeline earlier in the week so I thought I might check it out. It was Game 2 of the finals. I picked the Celtics to win because my favorite color is green. I don’t remember many details about that game or the series other than Perk went down and they lost, but I do remember falling in love with it.”

I picked the Celtics to win because my favorite color is green.

When did you first see the Boston Celtics play? (tv?) When did you manage to see your first live Celtics game?

Pre-Game ‘Selfie’.

“My first live Celtics game was Christmas 2010 against the Magic (Orlando is about a 90 minute drive away away from me.) Rondo was injured, Nate Robinson was the starting point guard with Avery Bradley off the bench and they were just terrible. I still had fun getting dressed up and representing for my team but that loss was annoying.

I also go to Boston every year in December for my birthday and a game. I couldn’t tell you one thing about those games though because I have had too much wine and I am too emotional because I am there. But they have both been magical Gino Time games! I remember that much!”

But they have both been magical Gino Time games! I remember that much!

Who is your favorite Celtics player? Past? And present? And what do they, or have they meant to you?

“I have read a lot of books about the history of the Celtics. (How else do you learn?) Books about the 60’s and the 80’s .. so I must say that Kevin McHale is my favorite player of all time. I have looked him up on YouTube and his moves are just like nothing you really see today. I think Power Forward is my favorite position.

‘The Big Three’ by Peter May

I also love Kevin Garnett. (Again with the Power Forward. hehe) He is such a great defender and so loyal. I wish I got to see him earlier in his career with the Timberwolves. He really makes me wish I was watching him in high school rather than chasing boys. haha. Also.. imagine my surprise when I realized that Kevin McHale mentored Kevin Garnett. My mind was blown!”

Rajon Rondo.
Rajon Rondo.

“My favorite current player is the polarizing Rajon Rondo. He is a classic point guard. His job is to create shots. That is a point guard’s job. A point guard should only take a shot if that is the only shot available. He sees more things than these trendy scoring point guards. Look how he made Paul, Kevin and Ray look past their prime. Look how he is making Tyler Zeller look! I learn a million things a night from watching him. He is amazing!”

Can you tell us about how the Boston Celtics communities, whether globally, or in Boston, make you feel a part of such a large, and loving sisterhood/brotherhood?

“I learned basketball primarily through Twitter. I would tweet questions out and guys would answer my questions. They gave me their email addresses and phone numbers so that I could ask them anything I wanted at any time. They didn’t have to do that. They could have ignored me. They could have made fun of me because I am a girl (which happens) but they didn’t. They helped me learn. Probably one of the real reasons I stuck with it. I am so grateful for that help.”

I learned basketball primarily through Twitter..I am so grateful for that help.
“I am the proudest!” -in front of the Bill Russell statue.

Can you tell us about your proudest, or most memorable moment that’s occurred whilst being such a loyal member of the Boston Celtics fan base?

“My proudest moment was going to visit the statue of Bill Russell in Boston last year. He is Celtics. I felt so much pride being there. Just indescribable. I learned so much about basketball and Celtics history in those last 4 years. In that moment I really felt like basketball is my life.”

“My proudest moment was going to visit the statue of Bill Russell in Boston last year. He is Celtics.”

So far this season, we’ve established an open, fast-paced, and high-scoring offensive style, however, statistics show that our defensive performance has lowered. With this current trend, how do you see the team holding up over 82 games, against tougher opponents?

Brad Stevens
Brad Stevens.

“Brad Stevens is a really good coach. He is very smart. But they don’t have the right pieces to be great right now. It will happen eventually but not right now. I think there is a plan in the works. This season I see them winning 28 games. Unless they trade Gerald Wallace. Then it’s 34. I have no basis for this prediction either.”

Can you share your thoughts on our Celtics community in Australia? Do you see a lot of the Celtic Pride in our many members?

“The Australian Celtics community is amazing! The times you all have to be awake watching games shows some real dedication! I love it! And you all are so nice!”

The Garden Crowd.
The Garden Crowd. #RedsArmy

Any plans to visit us one day? Our team at Celtics Down Under would welcome you with open arms.

“I would love to visit ! My best friend lives in Australia and I need to see her babies one day. I would love to be able to watch a game with you all!”

 “I would love to be able to watch a game with you all!”

Any finals words to share with your fellow Celtics fans?

“This is one of the best communities in the world! I am so happy to have found you! Go Celtics!”

Celtics Down Under immensely thanks Erin for taking part in

‘Green Runs Deep’.

Check out Erin on Twitter at: @erinava

You can nominate a Boston Celtics fan at:



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