Green Runs Deep #8 – Pierce Cooper

green-runs-deep_pierceOur eighth edition of ‘Green Runs Deep’ features Pierce Cooper, a Celtics Down Under friend from Sydney, Australia. Pierce is well-known in the Aussie Celtics circles for his passion for the Celtics, his die-hard allegiance to his beloved AFL team, the Sydney Swans, and for his honest appraisals of Brandon Bass. Coops a great guy. Enjoy his story. -AusCelticsFan

PiercePlease tell us about yourself.
“Name: Pierce Cooper – Optimist.
Age: 25
Hometown: Sydney, Australia
Twitter: @pccoops.
Likes: Playing and watching sport, DJing and a cool breeze (trade machine addict, prone to emotional twitter tirades unfairly targeting Brandon Bass)
Dislikes: That cyclists don’t have to pay to use the road but casual fisherman have to pay to fish.
Currently I am finishing a double degree at Macquarie University and I run my own clothing/uniform business.”

How did you first become a fan of the Boston Celtics?
“I grew up at No. 34 Chauvel Street and when my Dad travelled to America in 1999 with my first name being Pierce he brought me home a green away Paul Pierce jersey (that I still have to this day) and matching basketball. From there I fell in love with the Truth and the Green and have ridden every bump to this day.”

When did you first see the Boston Celtics play? When did you manage to see your first live Celtics game?
“My first Celtic game(s) were sadly limited to delayed replays and tapings I’d beg people to bring me back from the US, I knew what the results were but I didn’t care, I remember how terrified I was when I thought people had recorded over a tape.”

Who is your favourite Celtics player? Past? And present? And what do they, or have they meant to you?
“This one is easy, Paul ‘The Mother F##king truth’ Pierce. Everything that Paul Pierce is about and does was so easy to like.

He didn’t have to be the fastest or the strongest on the court to score (imagine if he was) and settled easily into a leadership role when he began to mature. Watching #34 leave defenders visibly distraught is vision I could watch every day.

I love playing sport and take a lot of confidence and inspiration from a guy like Paul, who he is, what he has overcome and the leadership qualities he is rightfully revered for.

 “Rondo takes the mantle as my favourite current player.”

Currently I am a big fan of Bass KO and believe he can develop into a very handy player for the Cs but Rondo takes the mantle as my favourite current player. I would love to see him play with an elite scorer again (or 3 of them) just so people can see once and for all how good he really is.”

Can you tell us about how the Boston Celtics communities, whether globally, or in Boston, make you feel a part of such a large, and loving sisterhood/brotherhood?

“Cs fans are amazing, passionate, one eyed, relentless human beings many of who have enjoyed at least the most recent championship and are hungry for more. Heated fan forum discussions on CelticsBlog, CelticsLife, BR, Twitter and FB make me feel like it doesn’t matter where you are you can still be involved in the great Boston Celtics community.”

Can you tell us about your proudest, or most memorable moment that
s occurred whilst being such a loyal member of the Boston Celtics fan base?
“I think my most memorable Celtics moment actually comes around a day that most people would want to forget. Game 7, 2010, it was the middle of June and I hadn’t managed to get time off work for any of the finals games thus far and it was looking like I wasn’t going to watch game 7.

My boss the day before the game called me into his office and asked about my plans tomorrow, sadly I told him it would involve being at work. My answer gave him the weirdest smile on his face which confused the hell out of me but then he proceeded to tell me about a very interesting conversation between him and a few of my colleagues (Lakers and Magic fans). They had already gotten the day off and on my behalf had successfully asked for leave for me too.

Yes we lost, yes we were up and lost and yes I was bummed for a good week or two afterwards, but, it was then that I realised the Celtics had become a part of my identity, so much that even my boss could appreciate what giving me the day off meant to me.

After that series I went out and bought the Celtics 2010 finals series jersey and whist it saddens me that it isn’t one we lifted the trophy against, it has become one of my favourite jerseys and one of my proudest Boston Celtics memories.”

Judging by our current performances, how do you see the team holding up over 82 games, against tougher opponents?
“25-57. This season (finals wise) the future is bleak. I thought we had a chance at a weak East playoffs berth but that isn’t going to happen unless something magically clicks.

We will get a buzzer beater Heat game against a good team and as long as we aren’t the 76ers first win I’ll be kind of ok. I hope our young guys improve and get game time over the 82 but this season is once again about determining who should be here for the long-haul.”

Can you share your thoughts on our Celtics community in Australia? Do you see a lot of the Celtic Pride in our many members?
“To anyone who has made the mistake of following me on Twitter, you will see albeit a little misguided but plenty of pride from this handle, and I think that runs consistent with the guys who support the Cs in Australia. The awkward game times, having to endure League Pass etc, we are a tough bunch and only want to see another banner lifted. I haven’t met any fans who won’t happily discuss a game, a trade or a future scenario and would love to see the NBA bring a game down under featuring the green.”

“guys who support the Cs in Australia…we are a tough bunch and only want to see another banner lifted.”

Any plans to visit the Boston Celtics at the TD Garden one day?
“I am currently saving to travel to the states at the end of 2015 after buying a house somewhat destroyed my disposable income for basketball trips.”

“I can’t wait to be there with you all to celebrate banner 18.”

Any finals words to share with your fellow Celtics fans?
“I figure it’s about time we get some draft luck after the KD saga and last year’s position slip, how about the #1 pick guys? Thank you all for your love and support, putting up with my rants and I can’t wait to be there with you all to celebrate banner 18.”

Celtics Down Under immensely thanks Pierce for taking part in ‘Green Runs Deep’.

Check out Pierce on Twitter at:@pccoops

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