2015/16 player previews: David Lee

Who could have predicted last season, that the Warriors would have ended up dealing David Lee to the C’s?

There’s no doubt that the Lee trade gives the Celtics a visible boost. The 32 year old big man is undoubtedly a huge upgrade over Gerald Wallace, who was largely relegated to a background role locker room leader and veteran voice of wisdom. Despite Lee’s lesser role with the Warriors last season, never lose sight of the fact that Lee is still the same talented big man he has been all these years. He is, and can be productive on a nightly basis, especially on the scoring and rebounding columns.

He’s proved it during preseason too. Lee averaged 20 minutes of play in five games, with 7.8 points and 7 rebounds a game. He could easily be a double-double machine with heavier minutes, but it’s unlikely the team can afford that option.

Whilst not stacked with top-level talent, the Celtics are still a quiet threat in the East. Lee’s championship experience will prove invaluable to a young team looking to push beyond a first-round playoffs exit. Head coach Brad Stevens has acknowledged the fact as well.

Is it unrealistic for Lee to play anything from 15 to 20 minutes a game, as a starter for the team? What do you think is Lee’s best quality right now?


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